Paper Talk: Blaming Issue

Buen J. Gallenero

Riding home from one of the malls in Mandalagan, I took a taxi and ask the driver if he can get me to my house fast since I have to catch up an important event. The only route he can do that is to use the Mandalagan road, Manalo St. passing Mt. View Subdivision. I can sense he's upset not with my request but the condition of the road which is dreadful. You can see tricycle drivers passing different lane since potholes were left undone by Silver Dragon Corp. of Mr. Jerry Sy, but I believe that this contractor would not settle for less looking at his finished projects. I heard the driver blaming the Puentevella administration, but I told him this is not the mayor's project but by the Department of Public Works & Highways (DPWH) through a congressional initiative by the Dept. of Tourism. This was included on two SODA (State of the District Address) by Cong. Leonardia. The driver must have noticed that there are road repairs on going in the city. But this can be easily identified when you look at the signage "this is where your taxes go, or sorry for the inconvenience road is under repair" not the "epal" signage supposedly posted by people with name of the Congressman thanking us for the road project. Perspicuously, ordinary persons in the community would care less donating a cent just to put up this signage, somebody else did.

I learned this is a road widening project. But this will make you chew over what is there to widen in the first place, not unless you get rid of houses and structures both sides of the road. But this seems haphazard when you are putting up your investments on a lot that aren't rightfully yours. Somebody has got to explain, you can't hear from lone district engineer Villareal, and his mouth seems zipped by some kind of a virus? Couldn't we hear from the congressional office or from the Dept. of Tourism? While we are searching for answers, we as taxpayers have to bear the inconvenience.

Who can blame congressmen who made a flash protest after the President's SONA? One of those was Representative Antonio Tinio of ACT Teacher's Partylist. Nothing happened to his House Bill/Resolution NO. HB245: an act increasing the minimum monthly salaries of public school teachers. The continued insistence of the nation's teachers that the government consider the proposal for a salary increase is perhaps one of the direct results of the recent exposes on the billions of funds that went to lawmakers under the Priority Development Assistance Fund and to various projects. If hundreds of billions could be spent for such projects as building convention centers and tax administration reform, some of this budget could be used to increase the teacher's salaries. This is a popular House Bill with no less than 135 congressmen having sponsored as co-authors. Who wouldn't it be, this is for our teacher's welfare? Even Rep. Manny Pacquiao tagged as absentee congressman came in early to sign in support of this bill. There are those parading to uphold the interest of our teachers, but did not sign their intention to be co-authors. For the record, Cong Leonardia signed it third to the last; he almost missed the last trip.