C’97 Leads Top Bracket

After finishing on top in the bracket qualifying round, Class of 1997 rolled on to lead bracket “A” by at least 45 pin falls on day six in the ongoing 2017-2018 NOHSAAI Bowling Festival for Unity hosted by NOHS Class ’93 at Negros Super Lanes.

The Dannie Uguil-managed C’97 maintained a consistent high scoring output with a three-game score of 522-511-508 to tally the highest triple of the night (1,541).

Pacing the young bowling team were C’66 (1,496), C’94 (1,493), C’96 (1,478), and C’85 (1,465).

In other brackets, C’87 spearheaded “B” after the team recovered from a bad opening game to a back-to-back five hundreds with 433-520-512 (1,465); as C’86 took the lead in “C” with 462-455-449 (1,366).

Completing this brackets’ Top Five: C’95 - 1,464; C’99 - 1,456; C’80 - 1,378; C’89 - 1,350 in ‘B’; and C’92 - 1,339; C’67 - 1,322; C’70 - 1,305; C’88 - 1,288.

This five-man duckpin league is headed by duckpin director Alex Fantilanan of ’93 under the leadership of alumni over-all chairman Citoy Taño.

Games are played every Saturdays at 5PM.* (JGToga)