Ceres Negros FC Blows Kaya 2-1 to Enter PFL Finals

Going in to the finals of the Philippines Football League Ceres Negros FC secured the win via Bienvenido Marañon and Iain Ramsays goals, which sealed the championship slot for the busmen on December 16.

Bienvenido Marañon scored the first goal for Ceres Negros FC in their recent match versus Kaya FC Makati.* (Owen Segovia Bayog/NDB photo)

Both teams set out in a winning mood and it is a do-or -die game for Ceres and Kaya FC. Indeed it was an exciting game where both gave it their all. Marañon provided the first goal for the busmen but Kaya FC-Makati came with their own score from Antonio Ugarte that tied the game at 1 all in first half of play.

The 4,000 plus crowd who trooped to Panaad Park and Stadium where both team have their chances for scoring witnessed an intense 2nd half of play. Kaya was not able to convert 2 plays that went wide while the busmen still raging until the final minutes of play.

Iain Ramsey scored the final point in the 78th minutes of play and set the crowd right on to their feet and was in jubilation. The win sealed their championship appearance facing Global FC – Cebu and insured their participation to the AFC 2018.* (OSBayog)


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