157 SJI students get First Holy Communion

Staying true to their vow that they will remain a Catholic school, St. John’s Institute (SJI) recently held their First Holy Communion rites for 157 students at the San Antonio Abad Church in Bacolod City.

Fr. Raymon Asoy gives blessing to the SJI students who participated in the recent First Holy Communion at San Antonio Abad Church.*

Fr. Raymon Asoy, the officiating priest stressed the importance of the first communion as something that should be remembered by each one as “the greatest day in a child’s life because he/she is receiving the greatest celebrity, that author of life and the source of strength, Jesus.”

“On the day one receives the Holy Communion, Jesus enters one’s body, mind and heart. Jesus becomes part of you, to walk together with you,” Asoy told the children.

In attendance were members of the SJI Administration and officers, the faculty and parents who witnessed the first journey of the students and their child in the Catholic faith.

Asoy said “with grateful hearts, we should be thankful for receiving Jesus because it is the start of your walk with Jesus.”

SJI continues to teach Catholicism in their school where more than 90 percent of the school population are Roman Catholics.

Despite the removal of the Sacraments at the Queen of Peace Church, SJI continues to hold daily prayer activities, religious fora and will be holding a Christmas concert for the school community soon.*