* AMITY VOLUNTEER FIRE BRIGADE @ 40. From 09176311419: On celebrating today (Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017) our 40th year of service o the people of Bacolod, Negros occidental, we request for prayers for all Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade volunteers who have given teir time and efforts without expecting anything in return. merry Christmas. (Mr. Crispin Chua)

* AMENDING CONSTITUTION. From 09204393023: It’s time that the 1987 Philippine Constitution should be amended. We need it to be corrected for the better in view of the passing of time. One of the most vital amendments to be made, is the qualifications of our President. He must be a college graduate of a 4-year course.

* DARKER NGHTS IN BACOLOD. From 0928299....: Hello Negros Daily Bulletin. Never mind publishing my number. I just would like to remind our BACOLOD CITY OFFICIALS from the mayor to the councilor and who-else-must-be-reminded souls: Roam around the city streets beyond downtown at night so you will notice how DARKER the nights are in several streets/roads in city. Drive through Araneta - San Sebastian to Sum-ag and back. From San Juan - Banago to Rizal Elementary and back. From Lopez Jaena - Lizares and back. From Burgos - Lopez Jaena to Granada and back. Th short cut road back of Bacolod Police Station to Alijis Murcia road. See?

* REVOLUTIONARY GOV’T. From 09472102033: Pres. Duterte had expressed the plan to declare a revolutionary government. He can do that with ease since he has the AFP, the PNP, both the Upper and the Lower Houses, and soon the Supreme Court with the imminent impeachment of CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno. God have mercy on us!

** OVERLOADING SPELLS DISASTER. From 09166578432: Daw garland ang kahalimbawa sang pwerte kadamo nga pinunsok ka mga pasahero sa atop sang Bacolod-Mambucal bound mini-buses kun rush hour labi na gid kun last trip. WALA GID GINASITA sang duha ka BAC-UP stations nga maagyan sini. Pabaya gid gobierno ta. Indi magpangaman kun indi lukpan. Kun may disgrasya, wala katapusan nga binasolay lang ang matabo. History repeats itself, so to speak.

* 'NO TO EXCISE TAXES.' From 09258635820: I think the finance officials of our President are wrong in advising him to put excise taxes on fuel & coal. It will trigger a chain reaction that will cause prices of basic goods to go up. To the poor, every cent counts. So we appeal to our good President to veto the excise taxes on fuel & coal. Our countrymen, specially the poor will be happy if you do that.

* NO PEDICABS, TRICYCLES, BUT... From 09499705200: Why is it that Bacolod Mayor Bing and BTAO chief Acebuche are allowing drivers of tricycle and pedicabs to ply their trade in Araneta and Lacson treets, notwithstanding the city ordinance banning them? The City Council could do better if they will pass ordinance to include all major streets.

* BARILE PROBE. From 09498624986: Ngaa tubtub subong wala man gihapon mapa-inbestigahan sang PNP ang unexplained wealth ni controversial PO3 Joshua Barile? Sa diin sya nagkuha sang kwarta nga ipamakal sang house and lot nga nagabalor sang 1M, sang 2 kamalahalon nga salakyan, 1 motorcycle, mga appliance, etc.?

* TRAFFIC LIGHTS THAN SKYWAY. From 09279426203: Ngaa ginpasulabi sang Bacolod ang pagpatukod sang P364 million skyway sa Araneta St. imbes sa mga traffic light (TL)? The city needs at least 20 more TL instead of the mostly inept traffic enforcers. How come that former mayor Monico was able to buy several TL in 3 years only?

* POLITICAL WILL. From 09551172440: Ang Bacolod natam-an gid ka magamo nga siyudad tungod nga si Mayor Bing wala sang political will sa iya pagdumalahan. Ang tanan nga kasuguan kag ordinansa wala ginapatuman tungod kay siya mahinadlukon, sunod-sunoran kag wala disiplina sa wala nagasunod sa mga kasugu-an.

** ROAD MISHAPS. From 09391221302: Ang makasiligni nga road accident sa Brgy. Antipuluhan, Bago City sang Nov. 30, pamukaw sa aton governor kag mga congressman. Dapat tapnaon ang pagpadala sang tubo halin sa Sur kag ipa-galing sa mga central sa Norte tungod sa aksidente kag sa pangguba sang mga truck sa highway.

* ANTI-CRIME, ANTI-CORRUPTION. From 09993827575: Ang anti-crime and anti-government corruptions nga ginapangunahan sang back-scratcher kag sipsip ni Pres. Duterte nga si Dante Jimenez, wala pulus nga private organization. Ang ila ginahimo lunsay mga kinupal kag pakita-tao lamang nga pagbulig sa mga biktima sang heinous crimes.

* PHL IN CANCEROUS SITUATION. From Sid Castillo, 09212449216: Three global centers - US, Japan, EU (Germany, Italy, France, etc.), ginabayo sang lala nga krisis sang sobra nga production due to hightech means of production. EPEKTO sa advanced industries: Stagflazion: shutdown of operation, retrenchment & termination of workers that result to workers’ and people’s protest actions. GLOBALIZATION of production methods to solve crisis of over-production, imposing neo liberal policies by means of: WAR, to re-divide, IMF/WB to impose structural adjustment program, GATT/WTO policies on import liberalization, deregulation, privatization & intellectual property rights. Using allied organazations like APEC, ASEAN, NATO, etc. The 3rd world countries like the Philippines, dumping grounds of 3 global centers and newly industrialized countries like China. Philippine situation now on the stage of cancerous crisis, that affect grave hunger & poverty to the big number of our total population.

* MAYOR’S SANDIGANBAYAN RAPS. From 09186434854: Bacolod Mayor Bing Leonardia welcomes the criminal case at the Sandiganbayan filed against him and 8 others in relation to the procurement of furnitures worth P50 million for the BCGC. He said that there was no conspiracy in this deal. But why did they buy them from a computer firm?

** DENGUE VACCINE ALARM. From 09463393600: The world’s first anti-dengue vaccine developed by Sanofi was first used in the Philippines in April 4, 2016 under a P3.5 billion vaccine acquisition by the Department of Health. After more than 733,000 Filipino kids aged nine years old and above were vaccinated, Dengvaxia manufacturer Sanofi and the World health organization said the vaccne was found to create a much dangerous strain in some two years after vaccination especially to those who were not exposed to dengue before. Nanay po namin ano kaya mangyayari sa mga bata na nabigyan na? Sino ang sumunggab agad sa vacciine na ito na agad agad bumili tayo na wala pa palang ibang bansa ang nagakamit nito?