Thursday Club celebrates 24th year

Thursday Club, an organization of business and civic leaders in Bacolod City, celebrated its 24th anniversary with a Christmas Party at Resorts Negrense in Punta Taytay, Bacolod City last Saturday, December 16.

(L-R) Tony Uy, Manny Parroco, Nene Rojas, Lito Aves, Remi Suatengco and Nene Pacheco

The group, which regularly but without fanfare donates to charitable institutions and religious organizations, was organized in 1993 with only seven members, namely Lito Aves, Rene Espinos, Tikboy Martir, George Mediodia, Teddy Borromeo, Joe Ramos and Lito Del Rosario. Its membership, which is by exclusively by invitation only, has now grown to 25 members after 24 years.

Lito Aves, one of the founding members, credits the group’s longevity to two reasons.

“We don’t charge any monthly or annual dues. Thus, we don’t have any money, so there’s nothing to fight about. Second, we don’t have any President or Officers. All are of equal status, just like the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur. Everybody is equal,” Aves explained.

“Thursday Club is just a camaraderie group. We meet once a month over dinner, which is alternately hosted by the 25 members. No agenda. Once a year, we just contribute a small amount and donate to the less fortunate,” he added.*


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