Our family cherished memories

As my wife and I update our family cherished memories, this essay briefly encapsulizes our lives and that of our children and grandchildren. Hence, I have looked at the entire panorama of my family and career above all as essentially a search for a meaningful life worth living. From the earliest years, one basic question had been deeply lodged in my life: “Why am I here?” What is the meaning of my life especially after growing older and learning more about my existence?

Our Golden Wedding Anniversary 2011

I have wanted to believe as with all other human beings that I have a positive reason for living which should be our guide through life. I have wanted to follow a vision that will lead to my life’s completion and the simplified answer for me has come with my inspiring family life and particularly with the special blessings of the early departure of two of our six beloved children. Our first child, Marilou, was sadly stillborn and our fourth child, Elimon, was called by the Lord at 18 years of age after a brief struggle with advanced malignant lymphoma cancer. Our four other children, Olive, George, Donna and Brian, have grown up with their respective careers and with 5 lovely grandchildren. For this blessed Christmas Season therefore, we give our heartfelt thanks to the Lord and to relatives and friends for all our family bounties. Our special thanks also go to our three dear children-in-law, Jorge, Chato and Junjun for having completed our family “circle of happiness”. Our main hopes and prayers today are that our children, in-laws and grandchildren will continue to live caring, harmonious and successful lives in the coming years. With these hopes go my heartfelt apologies to my family for my own shortcomings and weaknesses.

When all is said and done, we have been blessed with a loving family and as my wife and I travel through our afternoon years, we thank God, our family, relatives and friends for all our many blessings and blessings in disguise. Above all, I can say that our entire family earned this special gift which was our greatest dream. In all humility, we received such a blessing with our own love and cooperation with God’s grace. As we look forward to our remaining years, what more can we share with family, relatives and our community? For me and my wife, after my 35 years in public service and many years in teaching, we are now sustaining our continuing love and caring with all our children and grandchildren. Despite the physical distances with our eldest child and her family working in Dubai, and with our three other children and their families living in Canada, my wife and I continue to be active volunteers in the Negros Occidental Historical Council and other community activities. These family and community services we hope will help sustain us in our remaining years. The rest of our lives we entrust in God’s loving hands.

We wish our beloved family, relatives and friends a blessed Christmas and a more hopeful New Year.*