Prayers and Education play important role in life

Prayers and education really play important role in one’s life.

Yes, they do. I have a story to tell you!

When you are down with problems, it’s as if you do not know how to survive. There are also times when you seem to surrender, as if you do not know what to do.

But thanks, prayers work wonders when you call on God for His Loving kindness in that time of turmoil. HE is ready to answer your prayers at all times.

Sometimes, He will not grant it right away and you wait until He grants it. But in II Peter chapter 3, verse 9 it says, “God is not slack concerning His promise…”

I have been through it many times. I got the worst of it while many of my children were still studying.

We didn’t even know where we got our finances to support them. Five were college students and one was in high school. My wife is a plain housewife.

II was hospitalized in the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center at a time when my children were graduating. I was discharged a week before Christmas after a promissory note to the hospital which they accepted. Thank you Dr. Hector Gayares. Then we enjoyed a simple Christmas that year.

Two months later, we went to Manila for my heart dysfunction operation and was confined and operated at Philippine Heart Center.

After about a month in confinement, I was discharged but faced another debacle to settle about a million pesos in hospital bills.

But prayers and faith in God answered my problems. Thanks to those with Christian heart. God answered my prayers through these people. I even had about P5, 000 of excess payment that I used for my medicines.

That was more than three years ago.

Now my children have all graduated that I really do not know where we got the finances. God is really good all the time!

Thanks for being a baptized Christian. God really loves us!

My eldest son finished Maritime course but got work in an electric company, while my second son graduated in Customs Administration and became a policeman. He also passed the screening at Bureau of Customs but was already on a 6-month training as policeman.

My youngest daughter took the Teacher’s Board after her graduation and passed. She had a short stint at the Commission on Elections (COMELEC)-Manila and now works at the Commission on Appointments.

HHad they not finished their course, they may not have landed jobs and might have ended up doing menial labor. It is because of fervent prayers and FAITH in GOD that they were able to finish their education.

My other daughter is still taking up Hotel & Restaurant Management, while the youngest son is soon to graduate in Information Technology (IT) in a state college.

But we have not realized everything without their hardworking mother. She does wonders in the family.

With all support we got from hard work and PRAYERS to GOD, we are certain that our CHRISTMAS will not go in vain.