Leonardia to media: ‘We are one big family’

Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia considers the media covering the city hall as partners of the city government and as one big family, for having been together for years already. This was his message during the Christmas Party of the Bacolod City Hall Press Corp hosted by the city government.

The mayor also emphasized to the media to focus on the positive side specifically on the development of the city. “In this administration, the indicators that we are on the right track are, we stick to the platform of government we presented to the people during the campaign period, so we run the city in accordance with the vision mission based on the agenda presented to the people.” Another indicator that the city is soaring high is because it was declared by the Manila Times as top model city in the Philippines, and one of the top 3 finalists for the most business friendly city in the country by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI). It was an honor again for Bacolod having regained such identity after being unheard of for the past three years.

Further, the fact that Bacolod City has surpassed Iloilo City in its 2018 budget by P38 million, a reverse of its status for the past years when Iloilo was consistently higher than Bacolod City in its budget. But this time, Bacolod City is P38 million higher than Iloilo.

He further recalled that when Iloilo had bigger budget than Bacolod, the city had many projects. Now that Bacolod has bigger budget than Iloilo, this is an indication that the economy here is dynamic, and local income increased. “This will inspire the people and give us confidence in leading the city,” Leonardia disclosed.*(EBC)


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