* TO SMART. From 09983728036: Message ko lang sa SMART. Please lang, stop sending me mga pakulo kag promos ninyo. Wala gid ko ga-unli. Regular load lang gid ko pirme, pang-text kag tawag nga importante lang ang celfon ko. Kun inyo gid na patakaran magpadala pakulo kag promos, at least indi nyo man pagpatam-an. Salamat gid.

* LORENZO BALL. From 09197194624: On Dec. 6, upcoming superstar Lorenzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers, got an up-close at Lebron James, the biggest baller of them all. For Ball, his first court with James was eye-opening. Ball said that James has the size and speed. He's the best player in the world now.

STOP OR GO? This traffic signal light system simultaneously displays the green (go) and the red (stop) lights. It's been this way for months now, at Bacolod’s Hernaez-Locsin intersection (right side, going to Libertad market from Cyber Centre). Don't wait for a smash up before fixing this. *(Arman Toga photo)

* 1 YEAR LOAD EXPIRY. From 09258635820: Good news for everyone. DTI, NTC & DITC signed a memorandum of agreement extending all prepaid loads up to one year. Let's hope telecoms would implement & follow this ruling. This will be a big boost specially to the poor who relies mostly on prepaid loads in their mobile phones.

** VICE MAYOR GARCIA & CHIEF RELOJ. From 0918760,,,: No publish my number ha palihog .... Nadakpan si Moises Padilla vice mayor Ella Garcia-Yulo kag bana sini sa checkpoint sang ila man lang kapulisan sa pagpamuo ni chief of police Alan Reloj. May nakuha nga mga armas, explosives kag suspected shabu. Priso pa si vice mayor kag iya bana. Ang isyu karon amo ang kon may kamatuoran ayhan ang hambal ni Chief Inspector Reloj nga yara sa intellgence report si vice Ella nga kuno naga supply sila mga armas sa NPA? Para ina kay Reloj to prove. Ang sa bahin naman ni vice Yulo iya man dapat pamatud an ga wala ina kamatouran. Ang mga taga banwa sang Magallon naga hulat sang lakat sang kaso. Salamat NDB.

* PACQUIAO VS. MCGREGOR. From 09104545425: Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao said recently that he has opened talks to mixed martial arts (MMA) superstar Connor McGregor for a possible boxing match in April next year. However, McGregor shut down the proposed fight with the senator as not a sell-out.

* REMINDER TO SOME OUT THERE. From 0912345...: Always be reminded that simcards and cellphones have their own unique electronic footprints or signatures. Even if you throw away that simcard after sending a nasty SMS or a threatening message, the cellphone you have used will still be traced back to you no matter whether you use it again or not anymore. The place, time and other circumstances when you sent that SMS or MMS will give you away. Don't end up like those who only believed in the capability of modern technology when they were collared at a time they did not expect.

* THE INTERNET CAFE AT STATE THEATER. From 09166578432: Kabay pa mapadlakan na gid da ang internetan sa State Theater kay pirme gapoog ang aso sa CR, lobby kag hagdanan. Ginahimo gid nila kaladlwan ang anti-smoking ordinance ta. Kun adlaw-adlaw tani may raid sigurado dako gid income ciudad ta.

* CHINA's. From 09289446290: China has been installing high-frequency radar and facilities on its man-made islands in the South China Sea (Philippine Sea). Their activities have involved work on facilities covering 29 hectares of disputed Spratly and Paracel islands. Beijing is planning to deny others access to the routes.

* 'PACQUIAO IS NEXT PRESIDENT.' From 09258635820: Oh my, our President seems to want Sen. Pacquiao to be the next President. Didn't Pacquaio just say 2 weeks ago he wants to quit politics because he couldn't stand to see that's going on inside the political arena?

* CUAYCONG & CABUGA. From 09306264222: I have read in your paper the bounced check and estafa charges filed against businesswoman Ester Cuaycong by Catherine Cabuga involving P2M check issued in 2013. In response, Cuaycong presented through her lawyer proofs that she already fully paid the P2M check in installments as early as 2015. Since they were friends as reported in your paper, why can't they settle it behind the scene? It seems each of them have reasons for taking legal steps but whatever steps they may opt will not matter anymore if they sit down together and talk things out. Money is money but friendship can be re-ignited for the peace of mind of everyone. It happened to others too. Just giving my piece. Thank you.

* ANTI-NPA MARTIAL LAW. From 09399500700: A cause for grievous concern was President Duterte's remark on Dec. 13 that if the NPA further steps up its attacks against government forces, he would consider declaring a martial law nationwide. He would leave it to the military and police to say when he would do so.

* MANNY FOR PRESIDENT. From 09083095420: Ano naman nga pakulo ni PDU30 nga iya gin-endorso si Manny Pacquiao nga manginsunod nga pangulo sang Pilipinas sa 2022? Ano ini panginto ukon tinud-anay? Si Manny waay gani katapos high school amo ang mangin President? Bilang Senador wala pa gani siya kasuguan nga nahimo. Wow!


** 'FLYOVER USELESS IF...' From 0955177...: Hello NDB just delete my number... If BTAO-Bacolod PNP-enforcers cannot prohibit Punta Taytay-Sum-ag-Aljis-Tangub passenger jeepneys from parking infront of Grand Regal Hotel along Araneta street opposite Gaisano City mall, then the usefulness of the flyover will go to the dogs. Untouchable gid bala ya ang mga PUJs dira nga ginaupdan na sang mga barker nga astig, kuno? Okon, talawit lang ang mga enforcer? Matyag ko talawit mga enforcer dira sa atubang grand regal hotel kag gaisano city!

* MAN TO MAN, WOMAN TO WOMAN. From 09202196853: Now, Pres. Duterte is in favor of same sex marriages. It's the union of a man and a man, a woman and a woman, and a sissy and a tomboy. Is this not a stark contradiction? In Deutoronomy 22:5, a woman must not wear men's clothing, for the Lord your God detests who does this.

* CAPITOL LAGOON OPENNESS. From 09258635820: Good news for Bacolodnons. The Capitol Lagoon has re-opened for the public this Christmas season. Every one can now enjoy having picnics, jogging or strolling or family day once again.

* COUNCILORS & TRISIKADS. From 09997045552: It's high-time for Bacolod City councilors to pass an ordinance banning trisikads to ply in major streets. These trisikads must be outlawed also from 6:30 PM to 5 AM because it is very risky to travel without lights or reflectorized stickers and usually driven by very old people.

** ADVICE TO GF & BF, WIFE * HUSBAND. From 09159897549: Teka teka mga mag-jowa. Pag nag text at wala agad reply si Misis, si Mister, si GF o BF, wag agad agad mag isip na baka may iba na. Kung tumatawag at off ang celfone niya, oyyy i dial ulit baka sa network lang yan. Keep dialing ‘ika nga. Kung off ang Smart niya, idial ang Globe nya. Ang dual sim na celfone kasi ganyan yan, pag may kinakausap pa sa Smart, pagtinawagan ang Globe nya off yan, vice versa. Kahit hi tek na ang mundo may mga kapalpakan pa rin. Katulad ng Smart at Globe pareho lang na paminsan minsan may sira. Included na dyan ang TNT at TM at Sun! Kahit naka on celfone mo ay off pag tinawagan. Di ba minsan sabay sabay din pasok ang mga text, o ‘di ba? Kung wala pa ring reply o di pa rin matawagan, be patient. Baka kinakausap pa ang boss niya. All we need is to understand the other person on the other end of the line kasi hindi natin alam kung naano siya o inaano siya. Naisipan ko ito dahil may nag away sa downtown noong isang araw. Yun pala e, walang load si babae huhuhu at lobatt pa, ngeee! *