From the Editor- in-Chief

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From the Editor-in-Chief: Sacrifices & Success in Life

From the Editor-in-Chief

There are many words but only one could best describe my early life being the son of a struggling family of seven children whose only hope for survival is ‘hand-to-mouth’ existence through hard labor day-in and day-out: POVERTY.

How we survived this deep-seated poverty through the years that impoverished our lives as a family working together under an atmosphere of sufferings, helped us surmount the seemingly indestructible odds with faith in our hearts, was a story in itself.

From the Editor-in-Chief: When Friends, Balikbayans Come Home (Recalling My Foreign Trips) (Last of 3 Parts)

From the Editor-in-Chief

Sometime in early 2015, famed Negrense engineer Eddie Granada who hails from Victorias City, visited NDB and had a long recollection of his early years in Victorias before he left for good in Mississippi, USA where he made a fortune in business and meaningful pursuits, earning a huge income that enabled him to send millions of his savings to build a successful educational institution, the Grande Computer Outreach Training Center, offering free on-the-job trainings for out-of-school youths, benefitting hundreds and even thousands of poor but deserving students now earning substantially and getting good employment both here and abroad.

From the Editor-in-Chief: When Friends, Balikbayans Come Home (Recalling My Foreign Trips)(Part II)

From the Editor-in-Chief

My last official trip abroad was six years ago (2011), in the US for 3 times since 1988. I was in Bangkok, Thailand twice for an average of one week per trip, all for educational and pleasure visits as a journalist on a study grant before my 50th year as a media practitioner in the Philippines.

My most memorable ones were in the US where I studied the longest, first on a 45-day journalism study grant sponsored by the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) based in Virginia, USA way back in 1988. It was a study tour of places like Boston, Massachusetts, New York Times in New York City, and upstate New York which included Niagara Falls, Canandaigua where I stayed for 30 days as staff reporter of an afternoon paper, the Daily Messenger, then to the US Capital, Washington DC, with stints at the Pentagon, the White House, the Capitol and State Department among others, giant media establishments like the Associated Press, UPI (United Press International) Washington Post and several others my two other US visits were in Long Beach and Los Angeles, California, then to nearby Las Vegas, Nevada. While in these places, I made friends with my eleven other fellow delegates, representing their respective countries like China, India, Latin America, Africa, Bhutan, Trinidad-Tobago and some other lesser known countries.

From the Editor-in-Chief: Albee for Senator? (Why Not?)

From the Editor-in-Chief

“It’s about time. If Albee does not run for the Senate now, when will he decide? If not in this 2019 polls, when? If not Albee,, who?” These were just some of the instant reactions from several Albee supporters and political pundits as the possibility of his senatorial draft for the Senate was declared during the mass oath-taking of thousands who joined the political exodus to the administration camp recently at the Victorias Coliseum in that Northern Negros Occidental city.

From the Editor-in-Chief: A Lively Exchange of Ideas

From the Editor-in-Chief

(Note: Today is the 23rd anniversary of NDB as a daily newspaper)

During the weekend, the TV hosts of the Cable TV program "Super Dot Com" Roberto Dot Soliven and NDB's Jun delos Reyes had a lively Exchange of Ideas with two Negros Press Club (NPC) presidents - Renato "Boy" Duran the incumbent and NDB's Pert Toga, former president who served the oldest press club of the Philippines twice after a span of 20 years during which his first term was in 1974-75 and again 1995-96.

NEGROS DAILY BULLETIN’s 57th Anniversary. Ruperto G. Toga, President & Editor-in-Chief of NDB (2nd L), with Renato “Boy” Duran, President of Negros Press Club & anchorman of DYEZ Aksyon Radyo (2nd R), during an interview over Sky Cable Channel 40’s Super Dot Com program, hosted by Roberto Dot Soliven and co-host Jun de los Reyes - aired live every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9PM to 10PM*