From the Editor- in-Chief

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From the Editor-in-Chief: Albee for Senator? (Why Not?)

From the Editor-in-Chief

“It’s about time. If Albee does not run for the Senate now, when will he decide? If not in this 2019 polls, when? If not Albee,, who?” These were just some of the instant reactions from several Albee supporters and political pundits as the possibility of his senatorial draft for the Senate was declared during the mass oath-taking of thousands who joined the political exodus to the administration camp recently at the Victorias Coliseum in that Northern Negros Occidental city.

From the Editor-in-Chief: A Lively Exchange of Ideas

From the Editor-in-Chief

(Note: Today is the 23rd anniversary of NDB as a daily newspaper)

During the weekend, the TV hosts of the Cable TV program "Super Dot Com" Roberto Dot Soliven and NDB's Jun delos Reyes had a lively Exchange of Ideas with two Negros Press Club (NPC) presidents - Renato "Boy" Duran the incumbent and NDB's Pert Toga, former president who served the oldest press club of the Philippines twice after a span of 20 years during which his first term was in 1974-75 and again 1995-96.

NEGROS DAILY BULLETIN’s 57th Anniversary. Ruperto G. Toga, President & Editor-in-Chief of NDB (2nd L), with Renato “Boy” Duran, President of Negros Press Club & anchorman of DYEZ Aksyon Radyo (2nd R), during an interview over Sky Cable Channel 40’s Super Dot Com program, hosted by Roberto Dot Soliven and co-host Jun de los Reyes - aired live every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9PM to 10PM*

From the Editor in Chief: The ND-NDB Perspective

From the Editor-in-Chief

NDB’s 57th Year

The Negros Bulletin, which was born in the early 60s as a weekly paper and became a daily publication in 1994 after 72 years of struggle and sacrifice, is one big story of faith, dedication and endurance.

Its founding father Lino V. Moles, the late novelist in the vernacular, newspaperman and bi-lingual journalist (English and Hiligaynon), tapped the business acumen of his partner Santiago S. Alacapa who had good relations in the business sector of the city as a top insurance underwriter as his business manager and partner.

NDB Ed-in-Chief Pert Toga Sr.

From the Editor-in-Chief: What Makes Bacolod Tick (Last of 4 Parts)


From the Editor-in-Chief

As the entry point to the Province of Negros Occidental, Bacolod City offers a wide of tour within and outside the city. Below are sample itineraries for a do-it-yourself city tour. But we recommend the services of a tour agency to help you with your tours particularly the various eco-tourism and special interest tours that Bacolod and its environs and nearby towns and cities could offer.

From the Editor-in-Chief: What Makes Bacolod Tick (Part III)


From the Editor-in-Chief

Fountain of Justice - In front of the Bacolod City Hall, the former site of the old City Hall

The New Government Center - At present a sight to behold, rising from out of the open space of fresh greenery, catching the attention of passersby who sometimes call it THE WHITE HOUSE.