CIS/ACT-CIS holds FM Kali instructors course culmination exercises

Almost 35 members of the 65 First Batch of CIS/ACT-CIS from towns and cities of Negros Occidental have successfully completed the 5-month rigid training of Kali Instructor’s Survival Tactical Training Course Class No. 28-2018 Culmination Exercises held at Mambukal Summer Resort, Murcia, Negros Occidental recently.

John Lester S. Buenaventura, Chairman, CIS/ACT-CIS, Negros Occidental receives his Leadership Gold Medal Award (left) while Felisimo E. Alitudio receives his Gold Medal Award as Class Topnotcher of the Kali Instructor’s Survival Tactical Training Course Class No. 28-2018.*(Jun de los Reyes/NDB photo)

They learned the Art of Filipino Weaponry known as Kali, Arnis, Escrima with the full support and supervision of the Negros Kali International Association headed by Grand Master Jose De Los Reyes Marañon, Master Jimmy R. Marañon, Mataas na Guro Ramer Hornata and Ruel Asong. Among the subjects taken were; Basic Principles and Striking System of FMA Kali-Arnis-Escrima, Mode of Attacks and Counter Attack, Disarming Technique, Armed and Unarmed, Close Quarter Combat, Take Downs and Take Offs, Familiarization of Blade Technique Principles, Double Bladed Weapon, short and long including swords, guns, VIP Security, Knife Fighting and Street Level and Night Fighting Operations, among others.

In his inspirational message, Joseph B. Nazareno, Chairman CIS/ACT-CIS, Negros and Panay Islands lauded and commended Negros Kali International Assn. Inc. for the job well done and for their support and cooperation in training the group to help Bacolod City in the maintenance of peace and order which resulted to the many accomplishments of CIS/ACT-CIS in apprehending criminals and law violators in Negros Occidental.

“Without the training of FMA Kali, maybe two or three of our members are now in the hospitals or in the cemetery. Proof that they have actual encounter in fighting criminals in the line of their duties and functions,” John Lester S. Buenaventura, Chairman CIS/ACT-CIS of Negros Occidental, said. “I am very happy we have undergone FMA Kali Trainings,” Buenaventura pointed out.*(Jun de los Reyes)


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