* FRENCH FRIES VS. BALDNESS. From 09258635820: Funniest news is, McDonald's french fries discovered to be a cure for baldness. ... TO ABS-CBN, (you) should give an update on the status of NBA Premium & Basketball TV channles which Skycable & Skydirect stopped airing for many months already. Many subscribers of Skycable & Skydirect feel robbed after NBA games were stopped showing abruptly.

* 'CAPITOLER ASKING FOR MONEY.' From 09103356433: Good a.m. Calling the attention of Gov. Marañon, suppliers are complaining that ... head Mr. ... is asking money everytime papers pass his office for signing. Corrupt people like ...should be kicked out of the Capitol. .. Regarding the employees problem in the Provincial Capitol, the real probem was caused by Miss ... herself. Job vacancies were reserved to her families and friends, ask the nurses at TJPH.

* TO BACOLOD ADMINISTRATOR. From 09213482491: May memo ang City Administrator nga indi puede ang government employee mag engage sa mga transaction sa mga building permits, electricial permits, etc. Subong nakatilingala nga ang nagailinaway sa mga permits puro empleado ka OBO. Ano ang buot silingon wala ni bug-at ang memo ka City Administrator? Gapakilala lang ni nga ang naga-pangdakup ka fixer nga mga tawo ni ... connivance man sa amo ni nga bulohaton ka mga casual kag regular nga empleado ka OBO nga amo ang nagakadapat tawgon ga fixer. Ano ni sila bulag o nagapabulag bulag? Ang malain pa kay ang mga electrical practitioner ginapangitaan ka mayor's permit...

** QUESTION FOR BREDCO. From 09159897549: How about pushing a question for answer to BREDCO in Bacolod reclamation port management group's request with Bacolod City Hall for 25 years extended management of city port? No transparency in negotiations? Why only 3.8 million pesos every year share to city? Why city counterpart group charging only 5.2 million pesos a year? Smelled something port-able behind the walls of pier-di? (City official ... ) did you know who heard your conversation behind walls before session? ... aw ah abiko iban rep.house kay isusugid quo chayo ...!

* FROM CHINA W/ SHABU. From 09258635820: PDEA says most of illegal drugs supply comes from China. Our good President should coordinate with Chinese authorities to be strict & stop this since he's currently in good terms with Chinese gov't.

* TASK FORCE KASANAG. From 09266650435: Task Force Kasanag or TFK is a 9-year-old pure volunteer organization, a pure crusader for peace and development. A warrior against crimes, illegal drugs, corruption and terrorism. We will continue our advocacy for the future of our next generation. Many sacrifices will come our way but our aim and commitment is the willingness to sacrifice for the common good.

* DUTERTE MONEYS. From 09077257724: Pres. Duterte have ordered the preventive suspension of Deputy Ombudsman Carandang for digging his bank transaction records from AMLC. Ombudsman Morales would not implement the order because her office is an independent body tasked to probe officials of corruption. Who will win?

* FEB. 25 STUDENTS' WALK-OUT. From 09955072460: Harry Roque said that Palace is against students' walk-out of classes on Feb. 25 mass rally. But how could they attend the gathering without skipping classes? . . . It seems that Pres. Duterte would like to rule the country as a despot. He does not want dissent. He wants to control the Supreme Court, the Ombudsman, etc.

** WATER LEAKING. From 09166578432: Feb. 1, 2018 @ 2:30 PM. Pwerte bolyadas ka matin aw nga tubig ang nagapangalihid dira sa atubang gd simbahan Catolico sa Bakyas kag Bangga Laurel area. May drainage bala nga amo sina katin aw kag kalawig? (more or less 40 min).

* GOT BALLS. From 09956440530: PRRD is generally a good leader. He has balls and more than enough of political will. But the thing is that he is so vindictive to his perceived enemies.

* PRESS FREEDOM. From 0916622...: Kon may mga peke nga news (fake news) may mga pagsuplikar man sang kinamatarong sang mga manunulat kag journalistang brodkaster (suppression of press freedom). Indi lang sa gobyerno may press freedom problem kamo sa media. Asta sa inyo mismo ugsaran isyu na nga dapat ninyo iresolber. Sa binasa ni beterano Edgar C. sa radio nga ginbantala nga pahayag sang isa ka kolumnista nga isa man ka kilala sa aton probinsya ano ayhan yadtong matuud sa likod? Si Digong gid ang mandatos nga naga ilinaway pati ang sa idalom. Sey mo ... ? Lihog wala butang nmber basi ma oppress akoe!

* ADVISERS OF DUTERTE. From 09092757071: Ano ang matabo sa ulihi nga mga inadlaw sa pungsod kon magpadayon nga ang mga laygay nila ni Presidential Chief Legal Adviser Panelo, Solgen Calida kag presidential Spokesperson Roque mga pagpatalang kay Pres. Duterte? Ang ila mga legal opinion lunsay indi suno sa kasuguan.

** RAPPLER'S CASE. From 09183813440: The cancellation by the SEC of Rappler's certificate of incorporation speaks dimensions on the Duterte regime's policy of smothering dissension. Unfortunately, this will not silence the press nor the Filipino people.

* SENIOR CITIZENS. From 09302630794: Para mapasunod ang mga benepisyo kag pribilehiyo sang mga Senior Citizen sa Bacolod nga yara sa RA 9257, kinahanglan nga magpasar sang resolusyon ang konseho para sa Mayor nga ipatuman ang amo nga kasuguan sa tanan. Madamo ang wala nagasunod, ilabi na mga doctor kag eatery.

* TRAIN LAW VIOLATES CONSTITUTION. From 09304024293: The Lower House had violated the Constitution and its own rules in approving of the TRAIN bill without a quorum and without a vote. The study shows that whatever benefits the income tax adjustments will give are wiped out by the inflationary effects of taxes on oil and coal.

* DISTRITO IS RIGHT. From 09159897549: Even councilor Distrito is hammering BTAO to fully implement traffic rules and regulations in the city of Bacolod, Kun amo sini indi ta mabasol si mayor Leonardia sa kagamo sang dalanon. Si BTAOfficer Acebuche ang pigaw. Councilor Distrito you better write a resolution not to pressure BTAO head to do everything legal in the streets. You write a resolution to prod mayor Leonardia to replace Acebuche. Period!