Why Nature Wants You To Heal

By Kristine G Alonso

When you thrive in a generation where there are more buildings than trees, you may not realize how it affects you until you start looking for what is organic and natural.

A hidden waterfall going inside a rainforest in Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental (photo by KGA)

How one’s mental health connects with nature play a vital part in the longevity of one’s wellness where most people overlook on.

In an exploration to one of the most beautiful mountains in northern Negros, you may find Don Salvador Benedicto’s forest reserve as a generous spot to devour in positive activities promoting wellness of mind and body.

The Northern Negros Natural Park, as it is known, has the largest watershed and water source for 17 municipalities and cities including Bacolod City. But apart from its role to communities, its environment stands as a medium for people to reconnect with themselves; and the best way is to trek and climb its mountains for a constructive way to de-stress and rebuild strength.

The Northern Negros Natural Park is rich in its flora and fauna where trekkers and mountain climbers enjoy the most (Photo by KGA)

If you want to be re-introduced as to why Mother Nature is calling on you to leave your gadgets and cut on the movies, you will find the value of the forests found in northern Negros to be as equitable as the value of your health. It is associated with reduced levels of stress — which also has huge effects for physical health, reduced levels of depression and anxiety, increased resilience, increased engagement with learning, improved self-esteem and increased capacity to engage socially.

Nature and mental health go hand in hand. Nothing beats what the divine has created. Any man made source of activities where most people run to for relaxation and wellness can never compete with the healing abilities of nature.

Firstly, nature reminds you to own yourself. It enables you to explore you capacities with a group and on your own. It is not your job that owns you, or your social media accounts, your daily obligations, or other people’s opinion of you. If you allow yourself to open into healing by what a green environment can do, it will tell you that the attachments to preoccupations is one of the culprits as to why stress is evident in your life where you lose your inner focus and direction.

Secondly, constant exposure to nature will help you think more clearly. It enables you to open your mind and re-arrange on your priorities. It gives you the ability to thrive more on what matters most and helps you improve on your self-image in the means of sporting your mind and body to challenge.

Lastly, it makes you worry less and lets you seek more for your life. It may help you think of decisions that has been delayed and may open your abilities to eradicate useless attributes which affects your daily living.

These things can happen within your reach, and you need not to go far if you want to learn that nature, especially her mountains and rainforests, has always been essential contributors to one’s mental health.*