Indelible Ink

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Indelible Ink: Giving Life to Death Penalty (2nd of 3 parts)

There's so much fuzz about the alleged non-compliance to basic local government unit (LGU) requirements by the management of a mall in Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City, particularly the lack of occupancy permit.

The business venture has opened, with Manila stars in attendance.

Violations, though, surfaced, including the absence of a restroom or comfort room for people with disabilities.

Indelible Ink: Demeanor in Government Service

Reports have it that illegal drugs still proliferates elsewhere in the country, and in Negros Occidental, anti-narcotics policemen are themselves, reportedly, the couriers of the banned substance.

This is bad news, indeed.

Narco-politics it is, and it has been a thing of the past.

This is nothing new, only old faces garbed in new outfits.

By merely listening and following on live national television the ongoing and seems endless deliberations (is it really in aid of legislation?) in both House of Representatives and House of Senate, in the Congress, regarding the illegal drugs trade in the country, any Juan de la Cruz is wondering where his country is leading towards.

Is still there bright future for him, his wife, or children, given the glim scenario that the country's top officials are currently into?

Indelible Ink: Wanted: Honest Employers

Congratulations to those who hurdled the most recent licensure examination for teachers, especially to those coming from public schools.

In particular for the graduate of Bacolod City College (BCC) Taculing campus who placed ninth, you are a testament that it is not the name or branding of a school which makes a truly "educated" student, and an achiever at that.