Lady mayor defends pa on graft charges

La Castellana Mayor Rhumyla Nicor-Mangilimutan yesterday defended his father, former Mayor Alberto Aguilar Nicor Jr., who is facing three graft charges before the Sandiganbayan Third Division due to alleged anomalous issuance of mayor’s permits to himself and his wife back in 2013.

“It’s good faith on his part when he issued a mayor’s permit to his own business and that of my mother,” Mangilimutan said.

She also said, the hollow block business of her mother Noemi “was a business put up by the cooperative and funded by the provincial government.”

The case was already dismissed with finality, she said.

As for the case of her father, Mangilimutan pointed out that “there were no public funds involved and he has no transaction with the municipal government when he was the incumbent mayor.”

“Maybe for my father it was good faith to issue a permit to his business to make it legal,” she said.

But the “law is harsh so we have to face the consequences,” she also said.

“With the track record of my father as an undefeated mayor of our town for nine years and the legacy he left in La Castellana, I hope the Sandiganbayan can see this,” Mangilimutan said.

She said that the complaint against her father was filed by “anonymous” persons or some officers at the municipal hall.

In the charge sheets filed by Assistant Special Prosecutor III Jorge B. Espinal, Nicor was accused of violating Section 3(h) of Republic Act 3019, also known as the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

On January 24, 2013, he took advantage of his position by issuing a mayor’s permit to his wife, Noeme Nicor, allowing her to operate a hollow blocks business, Espinal stated.

Espinal said this act intervened with his official capacity as mayor, since approving the permit of a business in which he had direct financial or pecuniary interest is detrimental to public interest.

He repeated the same actions on January 25 and February 25 when he granted himself and his business partner the permit to engage in a trucking business.

His bail bond has been set at P90,000, with P30,000 for each graft charge.*(NDB)



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