‘Bizmen’s confidence is restored,’ says Mayor

“The confidence of the business community has been restored, therefore the business friendly image of Bacolod City is also restored.”

Thus said Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia in a radio interview yesterday, adding that the chain reaction of such confidence “can not be underestimated”.

Leonardia said, in the first year of his administration upon returning to city hall, the city has become a model city in the country “which could be aligned to the levels of Manila and Makati”.

This is the reason why some business establishments have opened several branches all over the city, he said, citing Jollibee alone with 17 branches in the city, aside from other chains of business establishments.

“So we have to take care of business by doing something,” he said.

Leonardia said he prioritized the repair and improvement “of the damaged business climate during the past administration.”

“Red tape was eliminated by restoring the the one-stop shop approach in renewing business licenses that enabled businessmen to renew their permits in just one day. With the restoration the confidence of the business community, the city was able to attain a 16% increase in new business registrants,” the mayor also said.

When business confidence is restored, budget of the local government is also increased. Good business relation with businessmen is an economic tool of business vibrancy in Bacolod. This is coupled with harmonious relationship with other leaders as well as those with neighbors. When leaders talk with each other, there is harmony in everything, he also added.

The mayor looks forward to the realizational of a bridge connecting Iloilo or Panay Island to Negros Occidental particularly Bacolod City “because we are attached to each other, not only as neighbors but due to our blood relationship considering that our ancestors are also from Iloilo”.* (EDITH B. COLMO)



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