Mentors unhappy with salary hike

Teachers are not happy with the pronouncement of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to increase their salary.

According to Dr. Gualberto “Bing” Dajao, Chairman of Alliance for Concerned Teachers (ACT) in Negros Occidental, they will not feel the increase of their salary because of the excessive cost of commodities. Plus, once the excise tax is implemented, the chain effect is more than double. Therefore, the P35 per day increase is not even enough for the bottled water they buy to quench their thirst everyday.

However, Dajao said in a radio interview that they would opt for the approval of House Bill 56 stipulating the P35,000.00 per month minimum salary of teachers, because they will feel improvement in their lives. He also said, teachers now are obliged to have laptop for their reports. Therefore, the P35.00 per day increase in salary would not give improvement in their take home pay.*