Isabela mayor to update municipal land use plan

Isabela Mayor Joselito Malabor yesterday, January 18, 2018 revealed that he will initiate to update the municipal Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of the locality to suit the needed development that will benefit the people of the town.

Malabor said this is among his priorities for year 2018.

He stressed that through updating the CLUP and implementing the necessary infrastructure the people of the locality, will see something tangible under his administration.

Malabor said that for this year, he will also review the Forest Land Use Plan with the help of the Community Environment and Natural Resouces Office (CENRO)-Kabankalan City and the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO).

He said he will propose to have a co-management scheme so that the LGU can have a say as far as the forestal areas in the locality is concerned.

One of the concerns Malabor pointed out is the Giant Cross located in the renown Glory Hill in Barangay Mansablay and the classification of the area into an eco-tourism site.

He added that there are Isabeleño-residents who have migrated abroad who have signified their intention to help in developing the area.

He noted that thousands usually go up the Glory Hill and visit the Giant Cross especially during Holy Week.

The number of pilgrims and tourists continue to rise every year.

He added that as far as the CLUP is concerned, he envisions to establish access and circumferential roads in the three entry points to the locality.

The town is accessible through, La Castellana and Hinigaran towns from the north and Binalbagan town from the south.

Malabor said the establishment of the circumferential roads in the area would decongest the traffic in the town especially caused by cane trucks coming from the southern part of the province.

He added that also included in the CLUP is urban greening program he envisions.

“Together with our development projects, we are going to implement this year for our locality. We will also undertake urban greening especially in the poblacion, where we intend to plant trees to create a cool environment not only for the locals, but for the visitors as well.

Also a priority for this year,” Malabor said, “is the peace and security program of the town which is a factor in ushering growth and development in the area.”

Malabor said he has partnered with the Task Force Kasanag, a civil society group headed by John Chiong as far as his peace and security programs for the town is concerned.*



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