Fil-Can Insights by Daniel Nolasco-Cajurao: Thanks 2017, Welcome 2018

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER - Despite its written earlier this year 2018, this column story come out only now as yours truly is recently engrossed with priorities in my professional career as chemist coupled by the seemingly challenging family issues that need to be resolved with effective to-do-decision. Addendum to that is the renovation and innovation in our home library that renders my desktop inactivated for quite a time. Of course, the summon of our so-called Best Friends Forever in Facebook for a reply to their messages via messenger or notifications in my Samsung-7 phone has compelled me to take action more seriously than opening my desk top and pounding its keyboard. It's better late than never anyway.

Be that as it may, its a pleasure to share my experiences, escapades, and whatever yearlong happenings in my life as I enjoyed the pleasantness of practicing my profession in a Pharmaceuticals Laboratory for almost 12 years now.

* * *

BLESSINGS OF THE LORD - Certainly, there's so much for me to be thankful of 2017! Although in the past 12 months of this year there's some struggling moments that I encountered, which were deemed as lessons to learn, yet the tremendous outpouring of blessings and positive additions to my personal and professional growth and development are nothing but worthy of recognition and are reasons that compelled me to say that, indeed, God is good all the time.

There were some faulty personal decisions during the previous year that almost caused me to give up with regret as I was misled, misinformed, and deceived by persons who I supposed trusted with all my mind and heart. I was victimized by liars, who are persons that have the dexterity of turning things around and make it appear its all your fault. "Bato bato sa langit ang ma igo indi lang mangakig okon mainit" .

But such decision never brought me to doom. Neither it ruined my commitment to keep fulfilling my dreams in life, small or big it maybe. After all, I firmly and earnestly believe He is always with me and carrying me in troublesome path I tread. One of my BFFs has this message: "No matter how many wrong decisions you have made, God still loves you."

At any rate, 2017 saw me in the pink of health, although a gall bladder surgery was administered to me. After a series of diagnose and laboratory tests to include X-rays, Ultra sound, ECG, Citi Scan and what have you, our family physician eventually declared me free of the danger of "Big C". Of course, except for my hereditary Diabetes which I acquired some 20 years ago, and is on regular Metformin medication, I deemed it nothing is precarious and alarming to address about my health condition. Praise the Lord!

For almost 12 years of living here in Canada, there's tremendous reasons that made me proud and personally elated of my decision to bring the whole family, my wife and five kids, nieces, and nephews. Believe you me or not, from only four of us in 2005, our 32-member Canada-based Destua-Cajurao clan, includes 12 apos (9 from our kids + 3 from nieces and nephews) as of now, and we're still counting. What a blessing, indeed!

It was last year, despite financially burdened, I was able to reunite, albeit its brief stint, with some friends and high school classmates ( Batch 72) in Victorias National High School. Such homecoming also marked our 45th year(Sapphire) since we left the portal of our alma mater. The said hometown visit, the second time since 2005, also afforded me to visit the publishing office of our very own NDB. My apology to our Editor In-chief Pert Toga for not seeing him personally though.

Then, in the same year, I made the last give away, so to speak, of a daughter who decided to tie the knot with her lone boyfriend for good. The affair was well attended by friends and relatives, and an opportune time for me to rub shoulders with new found friends as the ball room dancing brought everyone to the floor with gusto till dawn.

Yes, 2017 also kept our home the host of several parties, celebrations, and family bonding, apparently bringing us closer to each other, especially the small kids. Thank you very much, 2017!

* * *

HOPE FOR THE BETTER - Well, as the idiom about optimism reminds us that "If you think good thoughts, things will work out well", I am confident that this 2018 will bring more blessings to our family, and I fervently pray to Him that our lives will be better, if not really the best.

In similar manner, I hope 2018 will be more wonderful and bountiful to all of us, especially our least fortunate brethren around the world.

Yes, as we gladly welcome the 2018, which in Chinese calendar, the Year of the Golden Dog (Feb. 16, 2018 to Feb. 04, 2019), I am hopeful that all of us, as well as our kith and kin, shall have good health and enjoy happiness in life as dog has it most of the time.

I fervently believe on the prospects that this 2018 will bring love, harmony, understanding and peace in every home, community, country, and the whole world.

Since the dog is deemed as the best friend of a man, and his able guardian, we have high hope that we can relax in the thick of the night, and wake up with sense of determination to achieve our lifelong dream. Welcome 2018!