Journalists unite for Press Freedom

Journalists from Bacolod City and Negros Occidental, led by the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP)-Negros Chapter Chairperson Marchel Espina, held the “Black Friday Protest” at the Fountain of Justice infront of the Old Bacolod City Hall, to call on the present administration to put a stop to media repression and suppression.

Speaker Nonoy Espina also of NUJP, urged fellow journalists to resist the state-sponsored attacks versus the Philippine Press - as it has shut down Rappler recently and is on to the next target to silence the media.

The same pattern was observed by the group of journalists during the Martial Law under Marcos and a dictator-like trait that Pres. Duterte has according to Espina.

Edgar Cadagat, who had been a press freedom fighter since Marcos days said that journalists and the people should not be silenced as it was done by a previous dictator Marcos.

Cadagat recalled the dark days of Martial rule and challenged fellow members of the press to remain vigilant and bring the information to the people.

Inday Espina Varona meanwhile said, journalists have faced the same issues of harrasments and even media killings before but have continued to fight against tyranny and will battle against the forces that curtail press freedom.

Members of the Negros Press Club under the leadership of Renato Duran as well as its officers and members also trooped to the Fountain of Justice aling with other groups from the Church as well as other people’s organizations during the January 19 event.*[osb]