BACIWA to effect rate increase in February billing

Starting February 2018 the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) will add P13.00 to the billing of its consumers, as it is adjusting the meter repair and maintenance fee (MRMF) from P2 to P15 per month effective February 2018 billing.

The adjustment in the MRMF, now named service connection maintenance fee (SCMF), was approved by the Baciwa Board per Board Resolution No. 009, dated January 12.

According to general manager Atty. Juliana Carbon, they have no increase in water rates. The increase is just for the SCMF to cover water meter relocation, testing and other maintenance services.

Carbon also said, since 1973, when the water district started, the MRMF was P2, which should have been increased because of the increase in maintaining the service connections or water meters.

She also said, this year, Baciwa decided to increase the SCMF from P2 to P15, which is a minimal cost to be paid monthly for the SCMF, although there were several attempts to increase the SCMF in the past, but there were water rate increases at that time.

Hence, they have decided to charge the consumers an additional P13 for the SCMF for the water district to become viable and to improve its services especially in the maintenance of its water meters, since there have been no water rate increases since 2009. The P13 adjustment is very minimal. It is an increase of about P156 a year only, she said.

For this, BACIWA had been conducting information dissemination this month for the consumers to be informed, aside from sending notices to the 52,805 consumers in Bacolod City, she said

Carbon also explained that this will be paid monthly for SCMF. So, if a consumer’s water meter is defective and needs replacement, Baciwa will fix it, and if there is need to relocate because it is becoming an obstruction it will be transferred without any cost to the consumer.

She is appealing to the consumers: “Let us help our water district cope with the increasing maintenance cost.”

On the other hand, Councilor Wilson Gamboa Jr. said they will ask Baciwa management to explain the adjustment to the Sanggunian.*


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