Fil-Can View by Daniel Nolasco-Cajurao: Prize of Kindness

LESSON LEARNED IN LIFE - There's tremendous reasons that a lot of us are kind, a trait that is always perceived to be beneficial to our personality. Being kind gives us feelings of pride and elation, especially when the recipient of our kindness is in financial distress, and we were able to lift him/her up without expecting anything in return, which reminds us of the famous idiom "we rise in lifting others".

Actually, an act of kindness can be conveyed in many ways such as saying "I can help you" to a person in need, offering a seat to an elderly or pregnant woman in the bus, giving alms to the beggar, writing appreciation letter to a boss, acknowledging the presence of a guest in the program, or saying "Thank you" to the man who helped you, and many more.

Lately, I had a chance of expressing kindness to a person who asked for help because of the closure of their school. Not only did I show my kindness by consoling her, but I also left no stone unturned to help her financially as she kept asking for it. Thus, I even solicit the help of my friends to the extent of begging, if only to keep her school resume its operation. Some friends advised it is no worth helping a person whom you don't even know personally. Thank goodness, some friends held their wallets, probably being too pessimistic about it and distrust the person who has a reported record of corruption. But then, my being a kind of person, ready and willing to lend a hand did not hesitate to help her financially for the sake of students in my childhood town.

Unfortunately, it seems my kindness was disadvantageous to me as the person I helped financially appeared very ungrateful and untruthful. As it turned out, the school she operates is apparently illegal, as it lacks the required government permit, not even a Mayor's Permit, which she concealed to us, would-be investors. She was a liar, indeed!

She made it appear it's my fault after I quit helping her. In cahoots with another guy who I look up to as a close friend and a fraternity brother, they publicly lambasted, humiliated, maligned, slandered and besmirched me to the extent of smearing my reputation to their heart's content.

This is my own way of expressing my disgruntlement and dissatisfaction for the way those persons responded to my kindness. After all, if I don't act against such vilification of myself, their own lies, falsehood and unfounded accusations will become truth to their own blind, ill-advised and misguided believers and fanatics. Indeed, it's a lesson learned to never trust a corrupt person, as it is always true that "Once corrupt, always a corrupt," most people would say.

* * *

CONVICTION AND COMMITMENT - Notwithstanding the defamation of myself by those ungrateful persons, yet I remain willing to extend a helping hand to the needy, especially to our least fortunate brethren. Just as the Lord said: "Whatever you do to the least of my brother you do it unto me."

But I will not, in any way, be compelled again to extend kindness to a person who exemplifies and epitomizes the personality of a liar. Never again!

On the other hand, my commitment to help my childhood town remains flickering in my heart. Someday, by the grace of God, and with the help of philanthropist friends, my dream of coming up with beneficial projects and activities worthy of emulation will come into fruition.

After all, I believe Roy Bennett, author of "The Light in the Heart" when he said: "Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return."*