* CONGRATS FR. JONAS OF DYAF. From 09082910000: Congratulations to the newly-elected Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) - Negros Occidental chapter President Fr. Jonas Sumagaysay of DYAF Radyo Veritas Global Bacolod. Lead KBP Negros Occ. to its new highs, Father Jonas.

** LOUD MOTORCYCLES. From 09189347489: Loud motorcycles should be apprehended.

* SPOKESMAN ROQUE. From 09368675646: Presidental Spokesperson Harry Roque, Jr. once a celebrated human rights lawyer, is now the No. 1 defender of President Duterte's administration, notably the human rights abuses of his boss. Hw could he do this inconceivable about-face?

* BACOLOD LEADER. From 09553346620: Bacolod Mayor Bing is not a decisive leader. He has no balls. His management is very lousy because he is afraid to offend lawbreakers and political proteges.

* RAPPLER & SEC. From 09091444700: The move of SEC revoking the registration of Rappler for violating Anti-Dummy Law is not true. It's Palace's way of punishing Rappler for linking Duterte's right hand man, Bong Go, to the P15.5 billion project to acquire two brand new warships for the Philippine Navy.

** ON CHACHA. From 09301820090: We would like that our 1987 Constitution be amended to keep pace with the modern world. We would not have done it by the incumbent Congress but by elected delegates only. As one would expect, the present solons would have a tailor-made charter to suit their personal interests.

* TO BTAO CHIEF ACEBUCHE. From 09368261140: Supt. Luisito Acebuche, please malu-oy ka sa amon, magbiya ka na sa pagkahepe sang BTAO kay indi na maagwanta ang kagamo sa trapiko bangud sa imo kapigaw.

** SHEMAN COMMEDIAN. From 09279426203: “Sensational” and “phenomenal” ang pagbantog sining “she-man” nga TV and movie commedian nga yara makita sa noon time TV show. Ano nga talent ang yara sa iya kay lunsay mga bikwalon, maka-masa kag indi makawiwili ang iya akto? Corny jokes pero ang mga middle class nalatnan pa.

* LAMP POST BESIDE FLYOVER. From 0919733...: Calling the attention sang DPWH kag City Engineer’s Office, ang lamp post sa tubang simbahan dira sa Magsaysay flyover dilikado gid kaayo, ngaa? Kadulom dira nga lugar kag indi ma diparahan kon di mo kabisado ang lugar. ISA PA GID, gina himo parkingan ang dira nga lugar sang mga private vehicles bisan gab i. Di nyo na tani pag hulaton nga may ma aksidente PA kag amo ang pag kuha sina. Dilikado nga lamp post. (Don’t print pls my cel no. Thanks gd NDB).

* ‘LAMP- & REFLECTOR-LESS PARKING TRUCKS’. From 09166578432: Good day Sir. Dugay na na-publish diri sa NDB reklamo / pahibalo ko nga dapat may mitsa nagasiga kun magparking mga trucking ka tubo kay itom na nga trapal gatabon sa ila likod. Kun may EWD man sila tap ingon, daan na. Ila reflector buta man ka lunang. Kun indi mitsa malapad nga tetoron bright yellow/ orange ihaplak para bisan mag ula layo pa lang GABANAAG na trucking nyo.

* ON SURVEYS. From 09125217901: The Pulse-Asia and SWS surveys are surely unbelievable. Paid to fabricate a desired result. Imagine they just base on 1,200 respondents only they “interviewed”? Of course in the hope of generating mind-conditioning bandwagon propaganda, they would sponsor the surveys.

* SMOKE-FREE NOT. From 09454410061: The entire country is supposed to be smoke-free in all its public places as E.O. 26 ordains. But Bacolod City is flagrantly violating the taboo scot-free.

** SUGGESTION TO READERS / TEXTERS. From 0923828...: Sir please DO NOT publish my entire cell number. Kuntani ang mga NDB readers lakip mga naga hatag man sang ila opinyon sa inyo section nga ini indi lang sila mag hagay text sa numero nakon. Ini ang maayo nga paagi nga mabatian mabasahan sang kadam an aton paino-ino diri na lang sa NDB Readers Opinions mag text sang inyo reaksyon. Hatag kamo inyo opinion hatag man ako. Ini ang public forum nga venue kag indi ang personal nga pag text sa isa kag isa. I hope nahangpan sang tanan. Salamat Sir Arman. Mabuhay ang NDB!

* ‘AUCTION SMUGGLED LUXURY CARS.’ From 09258635820: I think our good President should consider auction for the smuggled luxury cars caught, instead of destrying them. The porocceeds of auyction wilklk boost the gov’t cofferes.*




* 0910-9672633: Hi po NDB, pakihanap lng po ako txtm8 20 above boy lng bout kag ndi lng bastos tnks I'm Jane.

* 0910-6515242: Good Morning NDB, Im Gab. hanap po ako ng txtfriends... 20-28 age. Girls only.. THANK YOU NDB.. MORE POWER.

* 0946-2872978: Hai gd pm...ngayo ko tani txtm8 girl lang.. 22-26 tnx gd.


* 0950-9978714: Hello NDB. Gud day. Ngayo lang ko texmate. Bacolod city locatiOn only. Im jane fr0m mansilingan. guy pwdi maging bf ung wlang sabit. 18-26 yr. Old.. Wla lang tripping ty. So much. M0re power.

* 0930-3450289: Hi NDB mangayo ko txtmate nga boy 20 to 35 taga bacolodlng kg willing makipagmet bisexual ko gali ah.

** 0950-0490009: NDB, ngayo ko txmet ang pala text lng ah, kag buot. Mark gali ah, from Kabankalan. tnx..

* 0946-7350445: Hello NDB readers. I’m Raven..looking for textmate and callmate,, ang willing makibagay kag makisabay sa topic kag palaban.. tnx gd.

* 0946-8840876: Hello NDB hanap po ako ng txt m8 nah single mama nah tga bacolod lng at wlang sabit, 25 to 40.

** 0946-9650797: Hi gud am ndb readers..im khe


& M E S S A G E S

* 09997345474: Hello NDB! my 1t time here for 2018... wanna say Hi to the Calsa Family of Silay City.. also to d wonderful n amiable Silaynons & Victoriahanons... let's all pray for WORLD PEACE!

09482300....: Gud day NDBers! Happy birthdays to all my brothers Nitoy (Jan 21) , Jan2x (Jan. 25) & sister Jing2x (Jan. 20) ... From Your manong.



Jaro Fights Mabao in Feb.17 Undercard

Former World Boxing Council flyweight champion Sonny Boy Jaro is looking for a possible return in the world championship before he retires.

And, the road to that journey begins on February 17, 2018 when the 36-year-old Silay City-native, who now resides in Binagonan, Rizal, faces Donny Mabao of Cagayan Valley in the under-card match of the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF) light flyweight title fight between champion Edward Heno and Merlito ‘Tiger’ Sabillo.

The Jaro-Mabao match is scheduled at 8-rounds at 119 pounds.

Coming off an IBF Inter-Continental Super Flyweight title loss to Jonas Sultan last year, Jaro (43 wins, 14 defeats, 5 draws with 30KOs) admitted that he’s not getting younger anymore and wanted to seal his boxing career with flying colors. “I want to do this for my family – the future of my sons,” he said.

Started his pro-career at 20 years old, Jaro shared that his life never had a clear direction that sometimes left him empty-handed despite the winnings. “I have been very generous to everyone around me and forgot to spare something for my family. Thus, I want to make these final years in my career more fruitful,” he said. “Sometimes we need to go through tough times to learn. That’s why my message to those boxers who are just starting, save as much as you can for the future. We don’t foresee what is ahead of us after boxing,” he added.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old Mabao is hoping to end his 10-fight drought – where his last victory was 2 years ago when he defeated Michael Enriquez for the Philippines Games and Amusement Board (GAB) flyweight crown. However, the celebration was short-lived after he lost the belt to Felipe Cagubcob Jr. 5 months later.

This event is presented by Highland International Boxing Promotions and supported by the Singwancha Foundation and sanctioned by the Games and Amusement Board.*