NWTF to hire 650 loan officers

Employment opportunities are set to increase in the Visayas this year as the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF) opens another 20 branches across the region.

Top (left to right): Raymond Serios (Assistant Director, NWTF), Ma. Theresa Nunez (HR Manager, NWTF), Cristina Abelarde (Programs Manager, BagoSphere), Ellwyn Tan (Co-Founder, BagoSphere). Bottom (left to right): Suzzette Gaston, (Director, NWTF), Tippi Fernandez, (Director, BagoSphere)

The Negros-based micro-finance institution, one of the largest non-governmental organisations in the Philippines with 129 branches across the Visayas and South Luzon, have announced that they will be hiring another 650 loan officers in 2018 following their expansion.

NWTF’s vision is to become a leading and fully sustainable microfinance institution. One that is renowned for its commitment and professionalism who is set to provide the poorest with real and meaningful opportunities towards a better future.

Suzzette Gaston, NWTF (left) and Tippi Fernandez, BagoSphere director sign the contract for the customized loan officers training program.

Global developments in technology have changed the way businesses are conducted. In order to continue excelling as a leader in their field, NWTF, like other businesses, need to strengthen their human resource development and adapt their training programs to meet the needs of the current market.

As part of their effort to strengthen their staff training programs, they have engaged BagoSphere Labs to design a personalised boot camp for their loan officer trainees. The program aims to increase productivity in the trainees individual job roles, with lessons in communications and soft skills crafted such that they would be easily applicable in day-to-day work.

BagoSphere Labs is a new consultancy arm of BagoSphere PH, a vocational training social enterprise based in Philippines. BagoSphere Labs provides customized training programs for businesses to help their employees adapt to an increasingly digitized corporate environment. They work with corporations to craft bespoke programs to train entry-level and middle-level employees to help them adapt to technological developments that have made certain skill sets redundant.

“Bagosphere Labs has a very dynamic and professional team. Their dedication to understand our needs, help us critically rethink our strategy. It allows us to achieve our business goals and makes working with them very pleasant,” said Raymond Serios, the Assistant Director for Admin and Strategic Projects at NWTF. “Their modern and innovative approach to Learning and Development provides an engaging, agile and cost-effective solution for the fast changing world.”

For more information on NWTF, please visit https://nwtf.org.ph/, and on BagoSphere Labs, go to http://www. bagospherelabs.com/.*