Task Force Crusaders Disowned, No Link at All with SOLGEN

A volunteer group that was organized in Bacolod City almost a year ago, with the objective of fighting corruption, illegal drugs, crimes and terrorism, was disowned by the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG).

Assistant Solicitor General Henry Angeles, who is also OSG Chief of Staff, in a June 20, 2017 letter, said the Task Force Crusaders (TFC led by retired General Romeo B. Maganto), has no link whatsoever with the OSG.

In a letter addressed to John Jamili Chiong, president and founder of 8-year-old KASANAG, Inc. and July 3, 2017 re-launched Task Force Kasanag (TFK), who was former deputy national commander of TFC, Angeles said, “The Office of the Solicitor General is not affiliated or associated or in any way officially connected with Task Force Crusaders (TFC) or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.”

“This is one of the reasons the majority of the TFC board moved to dissolve TFC. We were made to believe it is sanctioned by the OSG and by Solicitor General Jose Calida. I wrote last May the OSG to clarify and validate if TFC is indeed sanctioned by the OSG. This is the reply I got,” Chiong said.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Chiong said although TFC is now considered defunct, the public complaints and requests for assistance between national government agencies being processed under the TFC are now being followed up through Task Force Kasanag (TFK) with him (Chiong) as the commander.

“TFK is here to continue the works of the TFC but we have added livelihood undertakings. Majority of the former TFC members who are of good standings opted to join TFK. We joined TFC then to serve. We will continue to do so under TFK,” Chiong said.

CRUSADE & ADVOCACY. Manny Villaera, TFK deputy commander for operations, meanwhile said that they cannot afford to lose their real crusade to help the government address major problems, especially criminality, illegal drugs, and corruption.

Villaera said some TFC members acted for their personal interests rather than help the government and people, “that is why some of them got involved in criminality.”

“We will continue with the real crusade and advocacy of helping address complaints of some citizens like what we were doing then under TFC,” Villaera, who was former TFC national deputy for administration, said.

“We have a sort of cleansing in the organization. We have strict reviews and controls for those applying to become TFK members,” Villaera said.*