‘Malls Should Install CCTV Cameras in Parking Areas’

It has been observed that several car owners have reported the crimes of theft and destruction of their vehicles while parked in the spaces provided for by malls and other commercial establishments, and that the security guards assigned in the parking spaces of malls and other commercial establishments deny seeing such unlawful acts, thus leaving the victims, specifically the car owners, helpless and the crimes unsolved.

Therefore, installation of CCTV cameras and access of PNP to the recorded data thereof, may help a lot in solving these crimes, and in making the persons liable under the law, therefore, Councilor Ricardo Tan resolved in yesterday’s session, which was also approved by the body, requesting the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) through the Honorable Mayor Evelio R. Leonardia to request the management of malls and other commercial establishments doing business within the City to install CCTV cameras in their parking areas, and to allow the PNP access to their CCTV-recorded data, in the course of investigation, in order to stop the increasing number of theft and other crimes against property committed in said places.*



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