Bacolod Ready to Enforce Smoking Ban with 2-Pronged Approach

Bacolod City Councilor Caesar Distrito said the city is implementing the Smoking Ban with two approaches to make it more effective.

Distrito said City Mayor Bing Leonardia had already issued an Executive Order convening the Bacolod Anti Smoking Taskforce.

The Taskforce is chaired by the Secretary to the Mayor Atty. Ed Cuansing representing the City Mayor, and co chaired by Coun. Caesar Distrito representing VM Elcid Familiaran.

There will be two approaches that will be used by the taskforce. One is strict implementation of the smoking ban by the BCPO, BTAO and City Legal, while the education and information drive will also be done, primarily by the Department of Education, City Health and other concerned civic organizations to stop smoking.

Under City Ordinance 641, there is an absolute prohibition in the following areas: schools, playgrounds, parks and other areas frequented by minors, stairs and elevators, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, public utility vehicles, food and beverage factories. Buildings and other enclosed areas like malls, restaurants, terminals, churches, cinema, and other similar places open to the public are also prohibited from smoking, except in the Designated Smoking Areas (DSA).

The minors are prohibited from using in all areas, nor to sell, buy or be bought upon by anyone a cigarette.

Violation of the ordinance and the smoking ban will be charged for first offense-P500, second offense-P1,000 and 3rd offense-P2,500 or 30 days imprisonment.

Establishments will also be penalized and includes the cancellation of their business permit.*



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