Andrew Calls for Unity Among Negros Politicians

Talisay City- After the unification of the two Negros provinces into the Negros Island Region, Murcia Mayor Andrew Montelibano has called for the a unification among politicians in the province.

“It is sad that we have friends from both sides and when their is an elections, we are opposing each other, “ Montelibano said.

The mayor said that he is “really hoping for a merger.”

He pointed out that Governor Alfredo Maranon Jr., will be on his last term if he wins his reelection bid in 2016., “and he is doing a great job for the province.”

“Instead of listening to gossips, we should all work for the betterment of the province, “ he added.

Montelibano said that as far as he is concerned, the merger between his Love Negros and the Maranon’s United Negros Alliance “is still alive.”

The fact that there is still no one who has come out to declare his or her candidacy for the provincial positions is proof that talks are still ongoing, he said.

“I believe that they are still looking for a win- win situation for both parties, “ Montelibano said.

The mayor also denied that if the merger talks break down, he will run against Maranon for governor.

“I don’t know where all that rumor came from but I still intend to run again as Mayor as I have still a lot of work to do for my town, “ he said.

He also said that “whatever decision Rep. Alfredo Benitez will be, i will follow it, “ Montelibano said.*



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