Malabor Slay Suspect Recants Tags Nacion, Cañete As Planners

Jacklyn Villaquer, supposed self–confessed suspect in the slay of Provincial Board Member Renato Malabor and his bodyguard Leody Jumilla retracted his claims and pointed at former acting provincial director Sr. Supt. Samuel Nacion and Himamaylan police Supt. Antonietto Cañete as the planners of his involvement in the crime.

Villaquer, in a signed handwritten statement obtained by the media yesterday said, that all persons he implicated in the crime has nothing to do with it and he himself does not even know anything about the double-murder case.

In his statement written in Ilonggo, Villaquer alias Boy Golden narrated that he worked before with Isabela Councilor Raffy Uy, however, he transferred to the latter’s brother Ryan due to some differences he did not divulge.

Villaquer said he worked at Ryan’s piggery in Barangay Rumirang and left on June 25, 2015 and went home to Moises Padilla, an adjacent town of Isabela together with his famlity.

He further narrated that he then went to Brgy. Aguisan, Himamaylan City and had a fight with alias Felipe Juntaciergo alias Onyok regarding a transaction involving fighting cocks.

He claimed he was ganged up by Juntaciergo and his two brothers, one of them he claimed as member of the Bantay Bayan who handcuffed him and brought him to the Himamaylan police station where he was accused of illegal possession of firearms.

Villaquer claimed though that the .38 caliber which was found in his possession was allegedly planted.

He further said that, so as he can take revenge on them, he made up a story that they quarreled over splitting of money from a transaction and he was not given his share.

He narrated further that a policeman at the Himamaylan station overheard what he was saying and relayed it to the Isabela police.

Villaquer said a policeman from Isabela went to him and told him that he is being hunted down.

He added that Cañete and his deputy, a certain police officer surnamed Nigos, called up Nacion then the acting police provincial director of Negros Occidental.

Villaquer said in his statement that Nacion arrived and accused him of shooting Malabor.

“Ikaw gid to nagbira kay Board Member Malabor, may nakakita sa imo pero indi ka pagkulbaan kay buligan ta ka itudlo mo kon sin-o upod mo kay himoon ta ka witness,” Villaquer quoted Nacion said in his signed statement.

He added that Cañete told him that “makakuarta ka pa P2.5 million.”

Villaquer then added that he was investigated by a policeman from the Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office (NOPPO) and showed him the picture of PO1 Jose Chloe Rito.

He said he was asked by the investigator if he knows Rito and he answered in the affirmative.

Villaquer stated further that the policeman told him that “kamo ni gali upod pero itudlo mo gid ni nga sia nagtiro kay BM Malabor para mabakod ang kaso nga e file ta sa iya, ikaw ang witness kay para makagua ka, may kuarta ka pa.”

He added that Cañete then told him that he will be bailed out from the illegal possession of firearm case filed against him.

Villaquer said that while his affidavit was being taken, he asked Cañete that he wants to back out but the latter reportedly got angry and told him to complete his statement with another investigator from Iloilo. After he finished his statement, Villaquer claimed that Cañete told him “malapit ka nang magkapera nang malaki, indi mo gid kami pagkalipatan.”

Villaquer narrated that after he finished his affidavit, Nacion and Cañete bailed him out with P30,000.00 each.

And when he was released, Villaquer said Cañete told him that he will have an allowance of P3,000.00 every Monday.

Villaquer further stated in his signed statement that “amo lang gid na ang matood sa kaso Malabor, nga wala kami sang labot na kundi ginpasalig lang kami ni Sir Nacion kag Sir Cañete kay ga dali si sir Nacion nga ma solbar dayon ang kaso nga iya ni BM Malabor.”

He stressed that “amo lang gid ina ang kamatuoran nga ang kutob sang gin pang ulamid ko sa kaso ni BM Malabor wala ina labot kag puro ko na kontra sang personal nga transaksyon nga ilegal man.”

Villaquer is presently detained at the Negros Occidental District Jail in Barangay Tabunan, Bago City.

Earlier, Villaquer tagged Isabela Mayor Enrique Montilla and Uy as masterminds in the killing of Malabor and Jumilla.

The two officials had denied any involvement in the crime.

Malabor and Jumilla were leaving a cockpit in Barangay Guintubhan, Isabela, early morning of June 29, 2015 when shot and killed by a lone gunman.* (Eugene Y. Adiong)


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