Pointblank: Our Revival!

Indeed our revival as the Editorial Consultant and Columnist of Negros Daily Bulletin has been astonishing, to say the least!

Firstly, we were diagnosed as having a severe heart problem where our left carotid was only less than 25% working and our right carotid less than 60% effective!

Our carotids are the main arteries that feed blood into our brain, and, we were most often having severely functioning blood pressures, to the point that we could barely frame up our thoughts and barely write down our opinions on many issues that emanated from the results of the local elections! This, we will discuss in later columns!

For the moment, what we would like to comment on is the "finding" that Mayor Monico O. Puentevella spent more for his campaign than Cong. Evelio R. Leonardia in his drive to be the next City Mayor of Bacolod City.

According to their STATEMENT OF CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS AND EXPENDITURES (SOCE) submitted to the Comelec, Bacolod City Incumbent Mayor Monico O. Puentevella allegedly spent P1,341,408.05 for his campaign while Cong. Evelio R. Leonardia only spent P697,504.28!

Now, is the figure presented by Leonardia the honest-to-goodness truth?

Considering reports from Leonardia's camp, that as early as 5:00 a.m. May 9, 2016 or Election Day, their leaders were already dishing out P500.00 and P1,000.00 bills to potential voters all over Bacolod City, is the reported expenditure of Leonardia of only P692,509.48 not as fictitious as the Mickey Mouse comic strips? That Leonardia spent only 50% of what Puentevella spent is FOR THE BIRDS!

We would like to commend the Editor or whosoever wrote the Editorial of WDJ, June 9, 2016 issue entitled WHO BELIEVES SOCEs?

The Editorial goes to say, "What does a candidate have to spend for when running a provincial or district campaign? Let us enumerate the ways money flows out: gasoline expenses, vehicle repairs, tarpaulin and paraphernalia printing, lots of miscellaneous expenses, the ubiquitous kawayan and for election materials, salaries for staff, and of course "Vitamins" for ward leaders, among other things. Certainly for a candidate, a million or two would suffice if running only a municipal campaign. But even in such a limited geographical area and voting population, such an amount may not be enough."

Truly, Mr. Leonardia should not abuse the thinking processes of Bacolodnons by reporting such fiction.

The COMELEC should be very circumspect in accepting such a fictitious SOCE!

We believe that the incoming national administration should be more strict in accepting such reports as given by Cong. Leonardia, if only to require candidates to be more truthful about their election expenses!*