Alejano: I’m Not Alone in Impeachment Fight vs DU30

Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano is not alone in his move to impeach President Rodrigo Duterte.

Alejano said there are some members of the House of Representatives who signify their intention to join him.

However, he was told that they have to see and read first the impeachment complaint.

Alejano in a press conference Tuesday did not divulge the numbers but he will give them time to speak, whether to support or not the impeachment complaints.

The House of Representatives will resume its session on May 2.

Allies of President Duterte in the House of Representatives are confident that the impeachment complaint will not prosper.

If they are confident of their number to kill the impeachment complaint, why are they panicking, Alejano, a Negrense, asked.

He also disclosed attempts to convince him of withdrawing his impeachment complaint in exchange for the withdrawal of similar complaints against Vice-President Leni Robredo.

“Robredo has nothing to do with it, while the Liberal Party and even members of the independent minority bloc are not aware of it,” Alejano claimed.

He also raised the possibility that Duterte allies may have been threatened by his statements, for them not to be overconfident in dismissing his impeachment complaint.

There are now dynamics in Congress where members went through a process, where they were pressed to vote the death penalty bill, he said, noting that it created a crack among the super majority group, he said.

He pointed out that the coalition in Congress is not cast on stone, “they are a coalition of convenience. If you offend them and will not serve the interest of a party, then you can expect a change of mind and re-alignment.”

“It will figure differently in the impeachment case. I think come May 2, we will see the landscape,” he stressed.

As to the possibility of another “People Power”, Alejano said he does not want to insinuate on it.

“But it should be a culmination of frustration of the people,” he added.

“In the end, if the people gets suffocated on what it is happening in the country, then I think it will happen,” Alejano further said.

But for Alejano, who also figured in military uprising during the administration of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, said he will just continue to fulfill his mandate as a representative of the people in Congress.

When asked if there is grumbling within the military organization, Alejano said “it continues to exist even in all the previous administrations. But the level of grumblings may vary.”

He said that it is very clear to the Armed Forces of the Philippines the affinity of President Duterte to the CPP-NPA is very apparent, citing the appointments of representatives of the revolutionary movement in the Cabinet.

“We are now exposing the government’s billions of pesos and policies that will be influenced by the CPP-NPA,” he said.*(Eugene Y. Adiong)