Another Surface Water Source in Negros Discovered

Aside from the overflowing surface or spring water supply which could provide clean, potable water for Talisay and Bacolod cities coming from its watesheds, another official of the MWSS based in Manila has discovered ample water source which could supply surface or spring water for residents of Kabankalan and Himamaylan cities in Southern Negros.

The best water source for household use is from surface or spring water, the MWSS former official who has retired from the service said in an interview with NNF/NDB, but who requested he not be named at the moment.

"There is no reason for Bacolod and Talisay cities’ residents not to avail of ample surface or healthier spring water when Metro Manila could avail of these from the surface after being stocked in numerous mountain dams located in various areas in Luzon." At random, one can cite the water sources as those from Angat, Pantabangan and San Roque dams located in Luzon.

Since the surface water is freely flowing in the mountain watersheds of Talisay and Bacolod cities, no electric generators would be needed, saving substantial funds which otherwise could be used to bring the commodity to the lowlands.

The retired MWSS official, a native of Bacolod and his brother, have been intrepid discoverers of water supply in such a short time in various areas.

Like BACIWA Director Dr. Marichi Ramos, both brothers are advocates of 100 percent water supply from springs for Bacolod and even Talisay residents and on a seven-days-a-week basis.

Surface or spring water is the best drinking water for residents especially benefitting health buffs, he said.* (EACadagat)