Like a Brushfire Creeping Underneath

HAUNTING THE US-GHOST SADDAM. That guerrilla war is like a brushfire creeping silently underneath the carpet of grass, has been proven in the concrete example of Iraq, invaded years, years back, by the Western allies, led by the US on the pretext that Saddam was in possession of war and chemical weapons which was disallowed under international law.

However, what has transpired since then was that then US President George Bush, merely used the supposed development of nuclear weapons and the possession of chemical weapons as an alibi to launch the Iraq invasion. What has happened since then, is a lesson which a contrite invader should no longer repeat because all these were non-existence as we know now.

The Sunni Muslim sect, then at the top of the Iraq pyramid, became relegated and was replaced in the Iraq power structure by Shiite Muslims, a strategy and tactics, time and again employed by imperialism.

But just as suddenly, a few months back, reports in international news came out that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, (ISIS) again, propagandized by the US as worse than Al Qaeda, is practically taking over and intent on impliedly "massacring enemies" inhuman brutal act.

The ISIS have continued its strategic offensive and has succeeded in occupying most of Iraq and oilfields and economic facilities, including dams, which hold vital water supply, key strategies for winning wars. First, it was practically eating up specific areas, then taking over key economic and military installations, then annihilating the Shiite-based military and leading a blow to civil authority which, even the US, said was incompetent and corrupt, belatedly making an effort to effect changes. But it appears that these actions are too little too late because the rebels’ offensive have gone undeterred and unimpeded. At the moment, it is once again, intervention, both military and civil affairs. The US pulled out its troops since years back because as in Vietnam, a few years back, before its people achieved liberation then, the bogey that "communism will take over the rest of the world," will ensue. But since then, after the Vietnamese people won national liberation nothing of the sort which the US and its allies told the rest of the world has not transpired. It was once again, shamans, frightening others with unproven, "ghosts" and "witches" do not actually exist.

ALWAYS CONVINCING. The actualities are that the US, in control of such propaganda network and machineries with 24-hour television and radio has always been using these, with ulterior motives, intended for its interests. But there are sectors such as liberal Americans who are not in favor of US wars of adventures done worldwide. Thus, calls for the US to seriously intervene in Iraq once again, has been rebuffed by Washington but with a compromise. Just merely use air power to prevent the ISIS guerrillas to take over large swaths of Iraq and to protect their Christian and Kurdish allies living in Irbil Province. But we doubt whether it can stem the ISIS advance. While it can only delay, it cannot deter nor strategically halt the ISIS advance.

Which reminds us that at home the same situation could be obtaining. The Philippine government can only delay the process but cannot stop it. Cannot stop the revolution, the rebels declare.

Tell you me. But, indeed!*