Central Claim on the BACIWA Issue

THE KEY TO THE DEVELOPMENT, SOLUTION OF PROBLEMS IN AN ISSUE. Public speaking to be effective especially when a discussion on an issue is to be discussed must have a central claim which should serve as a guide to one’s discourse or explanation.

This is something any official should know more so, because if he does not explain the basis or intent of issues, one would not be effective in explaining to people what an issue is. Or that he loses another when a debate or discussion is conducted.

Take for one the issue of the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA).

What is in fact the issue centering around the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) and mean the key or basic, essential issue insofar as the listeners or one audience is concerned.

Since the members of BACIWA board of directors are already sitting policy-makers, it is not therefore, an issue and any issue about the qualifications of directors have been resolved by the Regional Trial Court (RTC) insofar as it is related to the director’s qualifications.

PERIPHERAL ISSUES. Of course, there are peripheral issues as long as the question of BACIWA and all other aspects are concerned.

But, as we said, the key issue is corruption, meaning, it brings many implications such as the failure of the implementation of the P537-M loan taken from the Japanese Bank for International Construction (JBIC) and the role of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), in fact. Its actual role if we may say so, is but collection agent of US imperialism and its international allies, a Japan, South Korea and Europe or the like.

But its role becomes incongruous when we consider that it practically rides herd on water districts in the country, for one collecting 12 percent interests over and above the loan taken which in the past, have actually become sources of massive corruption which resulted in anti-graft complaints filed before then LWUA Chairman, Ex-Congressman Prospero Pichay and his board of trustees.

LWUA other important issues bedevil BACIWA. We said graft and corruption issues because in the past the directors and the executive management headed by General Manager lawyer, Juliana Carbon, according to the only directors of the many who passed BACIWA, Dr. Marichi Ramos, pampered its directors who were give huge but exorbitant allowances when attending conferences and seminars.

If one reviews these supposed seminars and junkets these are actually done to win over to the executive management’s side the directors so that the extravagance of BACIWA could be sustained and that whatever irregularities are being done could not be brought up before the consuming public, no questions asked, no questions given. And the media is also bribed but in a refined manner.

Thus, since the issue is corruption, the discussions one hears in media outlets initially, especially the central claim is subjected to diversion with petty matters being discussed. But on the gut, the basic issues, providing potable, clean, healthy water to Bacolodnons, Dr. Marichi Ramos and group win hands down. Ask the listeners, the audience.

Tell you me. But, indeed!*