Consumers’ Reaction on BACIWA Issue

 GENERAL REACTIONS, EH? When the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) issue or issues broke out, one can gauge the consumers’ reaction from text messages in the "Tungkaron Ta Ini" radio program got from listeners all over the province and primarily in Bacolod.

More reactions came from within Bacolod. And which is instructive or enlightening. This followed a past survey carried out by a television station, in which the first survey showed more than 80 percent negative reaction against BACIWA services and the second survey was worse with more 90 percent or close to 100 percent for reasons of their own, voted overwhelming against a positive response for BACIWA.

Any right thinking traditionally-politically-oriented politician would consider these, if one is a sitting political leader. This is but practical and simplistic.

One response from a water expert, once a top official of the Metropolitan Water System and Sewerage (MWSS), even told us in his text message that on our shoulders rest any reforms for BACIWA.

But of course, being realistic, we must in return insist that positive changes in the government, therefore, people-owned BACIWA being a GOCC rest with all consumers, who, in fact, own the water firm.

SAMPLE OF RESPONSES, OPINIONS. A sample of the responses would be given by us to ensure we get the right tone on the BACIWA issue, although, the earlier survey done by a television station was a very realistic gauge of people’s views and opinions about BACIWA. One of the text messages of the dozens, I and partner, anchorman, Jeffrey Gelangre, say and we quote, "Good morning. C Monico nagpatunga sa BACIWA kay kuno para indi ma-hamper ang serbisyo sang BACIWA? Ti, dugay na, na-hamper ang serbisyo sang BACIWA, damo mga projects nga wala matapos nga ginbayran na sg BACIWA? Ti dapat, amo na sa ang usisa-on ni Monico?"

Another sampler "ang kaso na sang duha ka assistant managers nga dapat kag may board resolution na may criminal liabilities… dereliction of duties kg usurpation of authority resulting to economic sabotage…"

But the more telling opinion was that of the Bacolodnon MWSS assistant manager who emphasized the need for reforms as we have suggested time and again, and the responsibilities of the guilty parties.

Without these reforms in BACIWA, with the issue/issues being but merely diverted, the same problem, this water expert said, no positive changes will come about. The water expert is cousin, Tom Cadagat Villaroman.

On concrete anomalies, contractor Jocelyn Yee had come out in "Tungkaron Ta Ni" detailing the ransacking of her deposit and bond amounting to over P3-M which caused her bankruptcy. Poor Jocelyn Yee. And yet BACIWA General Manager Juliana Carbon was in constant communication with her, then.

There are close to dozen issues related to money matters especially the P537-M loan from the Japanese Official Development Aid (ODA), and the JBIC bank which was misused. Now, Carbon and the so-called militant BACIWA Employees Union (BEU), Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU-Negros) National Association of Free Labor Unions (NAFLU), have done nothing but collaborated with Carbon and incompetent directors in big cover-ups. As to who the directors are, it is a story spanning many-many years. The KMU-NAFLU is wringing its hands over the BEU.

Tell you me. But, indeed!*