Negros SP Upholds Talisay Oversight Committee Ordinance

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Negros Occidental yesterday upheld its earlier decision approving the creation of an Oversight Committee by the Sanggunian Panlungsod of Talisay City and denied the motion for reconsideration filed by Talisay City Mayor Eric Saratan.

Provincial Board Member Alain Gatuslao (5th district), chairman of the SP Committee on Laws and Good Government submitted the committee’s report and recommendation yesterday afternoon, March 25, 2015 session of the SP.

Gatuslao’s committee report as well as its recommendation were approved by the SP.

He said that his committee conducted the last hearing on the controversy in the morning with Talisay City Vice Mayor Niel Lizares and some Talisay councilors as well as Talisay City employee Angel Gamboa who was caught in the middle of the issue between the executive and legislative department of Talisay City government.

Earlier, Gamboa was identified as the one who had received the ordinance at the City Mayor’s office whom Saratan claimed is not authorized to do so.

However, Gatuslao said that in the hearing, it was found out that Gamboa has been authorized to receive communications including ordinances and resolutions at the City Mayor’s Office since 2013.

After reviewing all their documentations the result of the committee deliberation is to deny the motion for reconsideration of Mayor Saratan, Gatuslao said.

However, he added that Saratan has the right and option to bring the issue to court.

“The ordinance is valid and we will not recall our approval of the said ordinance,” Gatuslao further told reporters here in an interview after the SP session.

“It is valid both in form and substance, if the mayor still disagrees, he can go to court,” he added.

He pointed out that the motion for reconsideration by Saratan was denied because the reason cited by Saratan was ultra vires or beyond the power of the SP to pass which Gatuslao refuted, saying that on our part, the power to investigate is part already of aid in legistlation which should be approved.

He added that as far as the veto of the Mayor is concerned, it was not filed on time.

He said it surpasses the 10 days provision.

Gatuslao cited that there was some shortcomings on the part of the Talisay SP because they did not inform the provincial board that there was a veto.

He added that because of this, the issue took longer to be resolved.

If they have informed us of the veto, then the issue was resolved earlier and it would not have taken this long, Gatuslao said.*




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