The Only Option for BACIWA’s Carbon-March or Die

THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION. Years ago, when we were young just like many we loved to see movies, and we have always been mesmerized by stories of war.

Was it titled "March or Die" or was that only a bravado declaration of the members of the French desert foreign legion which implied that, assigned in an isolated desert area in Arabia, they had to escape sure annihilation by moving out of their permanent camp and marching to an area where support and their main force awaits. Thus, "March or die" or be surrounded by superior enemy forces and be annihilated.

By their forced march, it could be a long tiring march to safety, grueling, forced march and where, on the way lurks danger.

But the French foreign legion unity, had to undergo the perils and the difficulties of a long march or as the movie title suggest, die.

Thus, the French Foreign Legion unit had to "march or die."

This is an apt description for Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) General Manager but contested by PHD graduate and banker, Darwin Destacamento at the moment. But she is not, it seems willing to "march" in the desert or if not be surrounded by hostile forces or die. The union and two other directors, her collaborators have been supporting her, "to the last drop of their blood? Or more allowances?"

What we are implying is that she had been actually given a more pleasanter option by BACIWA directors Lawrence Villanueva, Lorendo "Endong" Dilag and Dra. Marichi Ramos. And the pleasanter option is for her to, but answer ten alleged committed wrongdoings the people-owned BACIWA by complying with it. It is a sort of the test for either her accountability or guilt, and if there is really nothing the matter with what she has been asked to explain, she passes the test and go on merrily, to the water district office and lords it over once again.

But on several counts, a contractor, Jocelyn Yee, has been saying she lost P3-M in an implemented BACIWA project, a pipe laying one because purposely paid a different person or rather ordered the release of a bond to a different person rather than to Jocelyn Yee, who owned the P3-M bond and guarantees.

That case is now pending with the turtle-like Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas under Pelagio Apostol. Her more than P3-M loss of precious capital has forced Jocelyn Yee to stop being a contractor and to engage in other ventures for survival sake.

And before the payment or release of funds to another person, Carbon and she had been in constant communication but when the supposed wrongdoing happened, the communication was ended unilaterally not by her but by the BACIWA top honcho.

So, this is the message of March or Die, which is akin to declaring, answering the alleged ten-point charges by three-man majority and "survive" or be massacred in the process.

Thus for Juliana Carbon, March or Die! – Comply or be removed from the water district, the government corporate entity which the people own. Right Claud?

Tell you me. But, indeed!*