World Economic Forum to Squeeze Every Drop of Blood Out of East Asia

REGIONALISM WILL EFFECT THIS. The World Economic Forum (WEF) so-called, does not intend to bring about economic independence, political and even cultural and social, as well in this part of the world, but has been programmed to scrape every ounce of industrial, commercial and agricultural lifeblood from every country and nation belonging to the East Asia region, to include the Philippines, most especially.

This, while the backdrop of a gradually becoming rapacious China intent on imposing its territorial, and military hegemony in the region in anticipation of its acute need to not only feed its people through farming, fishing and exploitation of natural resources which it believes lies amply in the near seas’ surface and underneath, could be its prospects.

What is clear is that at this moment in time, the now fading reality of a genuinely socialist China is but merely now a pretension it is adopting for posturing purposes and that clearly, China is more becoming a highly capitalist state and not socialist with genuine socialist in the minority and are not in power.

For, in fact the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Europe, Latin and Central America possibly, and in Australia and Asia, will but become a reassertion of the US, its ally, Europe and its junior partner in Asia, in Japan, dominance and control of these countries, with an intent to consolidate their hold in terms of investments, as markets for its finished products, in agricultural and as an investment areas of these countries.

THE NEED FOR ADDITIONAL MARKETS, AREAS FOR INVESTMENTS. The US and its allies want to maintain its imperialist hold on these countries as markets, as areas for investments where it invests a mere pittance and bring back profits triple or even more.

It also intends to maintain its hold of mineral resources it will need for its industries, and to include oil. By so doing, it also intends to control strategic industries such as power plants, relocated factories, economic zones and as dumping grounds for its products. The imposition of control, because done by military force although publicly it does not issue threats and resort to acts of bamboozling and intimidations.

It also tries to fend off rivals and potential rivals for control by economic leverage and through diplomatic double talk.

While ensuring the Philippines that it will station troops and its armaments in the Philippines, it has not publicly declared it will use its arsenal to ward off bellicose moves of China.

In fact, its economic, business, commercial and other ties with China is solid, with the latter in debt to China by over three trillion dollars.

Most of the commodities, sold in A-1 commercial establishments in the US such as the no. 1 Walmart, is supplied by China with Chinese cheap labor because the US can save much were the goods and commodities, manufactured in United States factories. This is also the reason business outsourcing such as call centers have been established in the country even here in Negros and primarily, in Bacolod capitalizing on Filipinos’ skills in speaking English and the relatively cheaper wage and salary rates were call centers operate in mainland USA.

But the ultimate result of working in call centers is coddles of dollars for foreign investors while thousands of Filipinos workers or employees, all suffer from sickness and diseases in later years with their irregular sleeping and resting hours and who could become illegal drug dependents because of their tendency to remain awake.

Tell you me. But, indeed!*