Ten Mistakes That Women Do In Relationships

Relationships is the constant work, and when one of the workers refuses to do the job, the other (more affluent) decides to fire this worker, or hire another part-time colleague.  You got the message, folks? If yes, let’s hop into the most common mistakes, made by women. If you are interested in such advices, then, you can always find new articles on such topics on dating site review.

10 mistakes a woman does while dating a man:

1. Home-chained domestic girl

 When a woman gets used to her man she stops being attractive for him. Oversized tracksuit and messy hair is NOT sexy. There is a general misconception, when women think that he won’t run away anyway, feel free to become ugly. WRONG!

2. Disbelief

 When a woman yells because a man brings not as much as she would want to, he’ll start dissing himself. Or find someone who does believe. If a woman expresses loyalty and enthusiasm her lover will be full of inspiration. Support means a lot.

3. Predictability and perpetual stability

When was the last time you made a gift without any occasion, just out of love? Or you think women shouldn’t be the ones to give at all? A lot of ladies are looking for stability, but you have to spice up your life too. Ask him out for a dinner, surprise him with something unusual! Not following this advice is a mistake and you know it!

4. Lack of comfort

If a man feels uncomfortable at home, he grows a desire to stay late at work. If a man lacks comfort with a woman, he starts protesting to stay in the house with such atmosphere. He’ll stay at friend’s house, in the garage, in the bar, in sauna – wherever, but not with a woman that can’t even provide comfort.

5. Lack of unite purposes in life

If a man strives for career, and a woman wants him sit home or vice-versa, their paths will soon divide. Have you seen La la land? Yeah, that’s how it’s going to end for both of you. Being independent is crucial, but you have to understand that forming aims in life together is what matters. Home, kids, vacation – a woman has to engage her man into her plans, otherwise he’ll go for slightly more selfish plans within a family circle.

6. Tying to your apron string

 Hello, you are not his mother! If he wants to be the boss of the Universe, cut your “please, stay with me, I’m bored” attitude. He does it for both of you, even if you consider it to be just a hobby. Let your man live his own life.  Let him be a MAN!

7. Not understanding male selfishness

You can think that a man always does everything for him and him only. Think again, peek into the future, maybe he does it for you and only you? For whom does he take extra-work, go on lunches with his boss, to the gym? He wants to be a perfect man for you, silly!

8. He is a part of your family

 A lot of men don’t understand when women don’t hurry at all to consider them as a family. Your relatives are what matters first and most, but he wants to pass this probationary period. Men feel left out like friendzoned teenage friends when you don’t treat them with family warmness. Boyfriend is your small, yet promising family.

9. Craving his tenderness all the time

Men are ready to be gentle and caring, but they can’t do it 24/7. All ladies want to hear how desired they are, how princessy they look today, how lucky your lover was to choose you among the plethora of women. But they forget that those words are hard to say out loud. Besides that, all comments are sometimes unnecessary. Rough, forceful manly men are not supposed to show puppy affection.

10. Woman has to be in charge of emotional stability

Relationship tactics is just something men never used to learn. While ladies were playing Mother and Daughter, men were occupied with some other games. That’s why they grew so unable to tackle situations where slight flexibility definitely won’t hurt. Making a man deal with tantrums of your aunts and harmony balance is a horrible mistake.