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Bacolod City

Court Employees Mourn

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Employees at the Hall of Justice who are members of the Court Employees Association Negros Occidental Chapter were mourning since yesterday by sporting black T-shirts.

This is to express their dismay over the gestures of President Benigno Aquino which allegedly seemed to disobey the decision of the Supreme Court - the highest court of the land. Reportedly, they met yesterday afternoon and discussed their plan to conduct silent protest simultaneous to the state of nation address of Pres. Aquino on Monday, July 28.

JKT, BCD Debuts in Fil-Sino Class B

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Johann Kendrick Tan and Bacolod Steel Center debuted in Class B of the Fil-Sino Inter-Company Fellowship Cup held at Po Hang gym of Bacolod Tay Tung High School.

JKT routed Northwest Inn, 106-65, while Bacolod Steel Center held off Eversure Mktg., 95-84.

JKT and Northwest Inn stalled at 23-all in the first quarter, but pulled away, 55-31 at the break.

After both teams played to a 1st quarter standoff at 23 all, JKT’s Allan Su and Edward Uy delivered 9 pts. apiece to pull away at the break 55-31.

Huge Unpaid Gov’t Bills Hinder CENECO’s Major Repair Jobs

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The Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) has lots of major repair jobs, like replacing primary poles and lines to prevent or significantly minimize power outages which can occur even just by a touch of small leaves.

Oher poles are also already reclining, but we find difficulty in doing repair jobs due to limited funds. The huge unpaid electric bills of the government is major factor that hinder our major repair jobs.

Thus said CENECO General Manager Sulpicio Lagarde, Jr. in a weekend interview.

Anger & Stress Management Seminar Set July 24

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In these hard times, this is one rare opportunity needed - whether one is in business and employment, learning or teaching, or just plainly "manning the streets".

Gamboa Tells Sugar Workers to ‘Shape Up or Perish’

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Other than the issue on wages, Bacolod City Councilor Wilson Gamboa, Jr. urged sugar workers Saturday to set discussions on two pressing issues that could spell the survival of the sugar industry – land reform and globalization.

Gamboa was one of the speakers in a workers’ economic forum organized by the Grand Alliance of Workers’ Association (GAWA) during which he stressed to sugar workers not to sulk against these two "irreversible givens" pictured as the "hammer and sickle".