Pert Toga

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A Tribute to Rolly Espina

In my long years of close friendship, fellowship in the media profession and working together in the print media industry, I can state without fear of contradiction that the man I consider my best model of a compleat journalist in his colorful lifetime is no other than our colleague and elder brother in the profession - Rolly Espina.

Not known to many, journalist Rolly, who became a professional media practitioner in Metro Manila sometime in the early 50s, decided to come back to his home province of Negros Occidental and spent the best years of his life and journalism career with us, provincial and community media practitioners.

A Family Christmas Gathering 2017

Fun and Frolic for the Young and not so-Young

Eight couples, two singles and 13 children of the Toga family led by NDB Editor in Chief Pert Toga happily spent Christmas Day at the cool and windy atmosphere of the Bantug Lake and Ranch at Brgy. Alangilan in Bacolod City. The place is surrounded by natural habitat teeming with birds from the wild, fishes in the lake and some domesticated species imported from nearby countries which provided picnickers and the usual weekenders with a pleasant backgrounders which made their stay exceedingly memorable and truly an appropriate setting for a Christmas celebration.

NDB Ed-in-Chief Pert Toga (L) acting as Santa Clause delivers Christmas message to members of the Toga clan distribution of Love (cash) gifts from Mr. Mrs. Pert & Cecille Toga during the Christmas Party at Bantug Lake & Ranch Dec. 25, 2017.*

The 2017 Christmas Party

A Day to Remember

A brief but memorable moment for recollection and renewal of commitment to keep up with the demands of continued coverage of significant news and events that affect the lives of people in the community, were among the focus of attention among both young and old staffers of the Negros Daily Bulletin during the paper's historic yearly celebration of Christmas last December 22.

Staff members and personnel of the Negros Daily Bulletin Family during their 2017 Christmas Party Celebration pose for souvenir in group pictorials at the NDB editorial office last Friday afternoon.*

From the Editor-in-Chief: Sacrifices and Success in Life

From the Editor-in-Chief

There are many words but only one could best describe my early life being the son of a struggling family of seven children whose only hope for survival is ‘hand-to-mouth’ existence through hard labor day in and day out: POVERTY.

How we survived this deep-seated poverty through the years that impoverished our lives as a family working together under an atmosphere of sufferings, helped us surmount the seemingly indestructible odds with faith in our hearts, was a story in itself.

II was born poor and miserable from a family whose roots were among the poorest of the poor, my father being a sickly calesa driver who could hardly earn enough to meet our daily meals, most often had to skip one or two meals a day, thus often dubbed “one day-one eat”.