C’94 Takes No.1 Spot in Top Bracket

Class of 1994 took away the no.1 spot from C’97 after registering its highest three-game set with 1,552 pin falls in bracket “A” on day seven in the ongoing 2017-2018 NOHSAAI Bowling Festival for Unity hosted by NOHS Class ’93 at Negros Super Lanes.

Members of the C’94 bowling team pose for souvenir after their high game night.*

C’94 jumped two places in the rank list as they pinned down 483-525-544 behind the high games of Toto Flores, Katoy Deocadez, and Joms Sevilla.

Former bracket leader C’97 went down at second (1,471) who trailed by 33 pfs against the no.1 team, as C’85 made its presence felt in the tough three (1,521) followed by C’66 (1,478) and C’96 (1,417).

In other brackets, C’95 recorded the highest triple of the night with 510-522-526 (1,558) to virtually secure the ladder advantage in “B”; as C’70 snatched the lead with 443-483-472 (1,397) in “C”.

Completing the Top Five in each bracket: C’94 - 3,045; C’97 - 3,012; C’85 - 2,986; C’66 -2,974; C’96 - 2,895 in ‘A’; C’95 -3,022; C’99 - 2,914; C’80 - 2,874; C’89 -2,829; C’87 - 2,805 in ‘B’; and C’70 - 2,702; C’86 - 2,695; C’67 -2,625; C’88 - 2,595; C’92 - 2,565.

This five-man duckpin league is headed by duckpin director Alex Fantilanan of ’93 under the leadership of incoming Silver Jubilee alumni over-all chairman Citoy Taño.

Games resumes next year on Saturday, January 6 at 5PM.* (JGToga)