Bizwoman Cabuga files P2-M estafa, bouncing check raps vs. fellow bizwoman Cuaycong

A businesswoman in Bacolod City filed estafa and bouncing check charges against another businesswoman who is also a resident of the city, and whom she considers “a former friend”.

Catherine Berioso Cabuga of Palisades Subdivision, Estefania, Bacolod filed before the City Prosecutor’s Office, criminal complaints against Ester Martinez Cuaycong of Marapara Subdivision, Bacolod.

Cabuga’s complaints are for violations of Article 315 (Estafa) and Batas Pambansa Bilang 22 (Bouncing Check Law).

In her sworn affidavit through her legal counsel, Atty. Vicente D. Sabornay, Cabuga said it was on November 4, 2013 when Cuaycong approached her “and begged that she be allowed to rediscount her personal check because she had a very lucrative transaction and she direly needs extra cash.”

“...Knowing and trusting her to be a ‘businesswoman’ and a member of a prominent family, I agreed to her proposition,” Cabuga added, also stating that she parted with her P2 million cash in exchange for Cuaycong’s November 4, 2013 check in the same amount, on that day.

In her complaint affidavit dated October 25, 2017, the Metro Inn hotelier said, Cuaycong’s check when deposited was returned and dishonored for reason “DAIF” (no sufficient fund).


“I notified her of the dishonor (check) but she deliberately ignored me and even bragged that she does not allow any of her check to bounce and that she was not indebted to me and I cannot file any criminal case against her. Despite all my repeated demands for her to redeem her check or pay me, she failed and unreasonably refused to pay even to date,” Cabuga said.

Despite demands, Cuaycong kept deliberately refusing to pay, she said.


In an interview with newsmen, Cabuga claimed that the P2-M bounced check was not the only one she wanted Cuaycong to settle with her.

She showed several checks issued to her by Cuaycong in various denominations in millions of pesos.

“I did not deposit these checks, which total to about P70 million. I did not deposit these because she was begging and crying when she came to me and to my office, asking us to wait for her to redeem these because she had some pending transactions. Now the checks have become stale because six months had lapsed, and the time came she no longer came to us and we can no longer contact her, and now she refuses to pay,” Cabuga added.

“I trusted her as a friend. I do not care if she had done it to others but all I want is for her to settle her debts with me. I hope others will be aware of this. Even if this Ging Cuaycong told me she is untouchable and that I cannot file charges against her, I have filed the cases,” she said.


In a live interview with Raffy Tulfo’s “Wanted sa Radyo” afternoon program over ESPN TV5 and Radyo5 92.3 NewsFM, Cuaycong denied having debts nor payables with Cabuga, and even said she was a business partner of Cabuga.

Cuaycong told Tulfo she is not a swindler but just a businesswoman.

She said the stale checks with Cabuga “are just duplicate checks,” the reason, she said, Cabuga did not deposit those in the bank.

Cuaycong also claimed the amount was part of their joint business venture.


Cabuga refuted the claims of Cuaycong also during Tulfo’s live TV and radio program.

Cabuga said the case is now docketed under Criminal Case No. 17-11-30771, titled People of the Philippines vs. Ester Cuaycong.* (Arman P. Toga)