‘Secure your house all the time’

Secure your house before you leave this holiday season, the Philippine National Police (PNP) appeals.

PUBLIC SAFETY. PInsp. Charmae De Paz, Information Officer of the Negros Occ. Provincial Police Office (NOCPPO) talks about public safety during the recent meeting of the Negros Association of Government Information Officers and Liaisons, NAGIOL.* (Lljr-PIA6)

Meetings, parties or just to go to the mall will be on the top list of the people as they celebrate Christmas and the New Year. The time could also be used by thieves and burglars to victimize unsafe houses.

The police is suggesting, if possible, that houses have burglar alarm to alert neighbors of illegal entry.

Do not leave notes outside the house or on social media telling where your family is going because this signals that no one is in the house. A radio could be turned on, preferably powered by a battery or solar.

A neighbor can be requested to look after your house telling them when you will be back.

Be sure that electric appliances are pulled off the socket, water faucets turned off and no candles are lighted.

Valuables usually placed outside the house like bikes, motorcycles and others should be secured as this could attract attention of thieves.

Security plans have been laid out by the PNP this holiday break. To secure the safety of everyone, it is urging the public to do their share in safekeeping and peace keeping in our respective communities starting from our own house.* (JSC/Lljr-PIA6 NegOcc)