Dungog IP leadership program, Nabulusan Fest held

The four-day ‘2018 Dungog: Indigenous People Youth Leadership Program’ recently concluded February 6 in the municipality of Binalbagan.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE. IP youths coming from different parts of the country show their unique culture during the 2018 Dungog: Indigenous People Youth Leadership Program and Nabulusan Festival in Binalbagan town.*(Lljr-PIA6)

The activity was highlighted by the first ever Binalbagan IP Nabulusan festival last February 5.

Almost 150 Indigenous Peoples Youth participants coming from the 11 ethnolinguistic groups of the Central Cluster under the Commission for Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts (CCCTA) attended the activity, a press release from Binalbagan said.

Among them - Dumagats from Quezon Province; Molbogs, Palawanis, Jama Mapuns, Tagbanwas, Pala’wans and Bataks from Palawan.

Representatives from Region VI include Ati from Guimaras, Panay and Negros; Bukidnons (Babaylanes-Bukidnon, Ituman-Magahat Bukidnon, Tablanhon-Bukidnon, Tabihanon Bukidnon) from Southern Negros Occidental; Ata-Bukidnon from Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental and special participation of the Ibaloys from Benguit and Higaonons from Malaybalay Bukidnon.

Dungog 2018: Indigenous Peoples Youth Leadership Program has the primary purpose to capacitate and enhance the leadership skills of Indigenous Peoples youth so that they become leaders of development in their own community.

It also aims to empower the young IP leaders in becoming a catalyst to claim, promote, recognize, fulfill and exercise their rights to self -determination, peace transformation and development of their ancestral domains and promote cultural integrity towards sustainable development, the press release further said.

“Dungog” is an llonggo/Hiligaynon term which means pride or honor.

As a program for Indigenous Peoples youth, it can be traced back from the initiative of Sigmahanon Foundation for Culture and the Arts, Inc. in partnership with the Provincial Tourism Office of Capiz in October 2009 with the support of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

Hosted by the Municipality of Binalbagan, “the activity provided an avenue for the IP, especially the youth, to become better and equipped individuals that help in the promotion of biocultural diversity and sustainable development of the Indigenous Cultural Communities.”* (PIA6 )


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