Pintaflores Highlights on Nov. 5, ‘San Carlos City Has Lots to Offer’

The highlights of this year’s Pintaflores Festival of San Carlos City in nothern Negros Occidental will be held this Sunday, Nov. 5 at the booming city’s sprawling City Hall and Center Mall grounds.

Capping the almost half-month activities, will be this Sunday’s Pintaflores Street Dancing, Paint Party, Ritual Competition, Hudyaka sa Pintaflores with celebrity guests, and the Grand Fireworks Display and street partying with various band groups.

This year’s Pintaflores not only focuses on the festival.

The city’s progressive growth will also be noticed by frequent festival visitors.


It was called “Pintados” when it initially started because of the body tattoos spread on bodies and faces of the participants in 1992. It was changed to “Pintaflores” in 1993 when the City of San Carlos first joined Sinulog Festival, the concept on the other hand was not and ever since that year the festival developed into something more special. The initial participation in the prestigious Sinulog Festival and what happened after bagging the second prize despite the edge of experience against other contingents became the most illustrious and celebrated win for the city and this marked the beginning of an even greater Pintaflores Festival.

San Carlos City ensured the improvement of the skills of the individuals joining the festival by conducting workshops and trainings to hone their abilities. Each year, the city celebrates Pintaflores festival every 5th of November and what proves its success over the years is the increasing number of visitors that comes to the city. Apart from that, invitations coming from neighboring cities and municipalities are pouring in after the city’s festival gained positive reputation. Festival held in other areas in Luzon and in Mindanao also invites San Carlos to join in on their own celebration allowing the city to build relationships with other cities all over the Philippines.

The evolution of Pintaflores unfolded in front of the people of San Carlos. It began as effort to come up with the city’s own way of showing its culture and traditions. Some are even skeptical when all these started however, a heart that is full of dedication and love for its city will never be discouraged and this is something San Carlos City is overflowing with. The progression of the festival was inevitable having all these wonderful men and women finding out ways to improve what they have. After 21 years, what Pintaflores Festival has become is absolutely something San Carlos City is very proud of.

The Pintaflores Festival is San Carlos City’s very own expression of its culture presented in a merry making way. This is strongly depicted in the story line of Pintaflores as delivered by participants joining the event. The festival originated in 1992 and was initially called Pintados because of the body tattoos designed all over the body of the individuals involved. However, due to possibility of conflict having the same festival name, when Pintaflores decided to join Sinulog Festival for the first time, the committee came up with an idea of changing the festival name. They coined the words “Pinta” for the tattoos and “Flores” for the flower designs thus the new festival name Pintaflores.

The significant flower of the city is the sunflower which represents the resilient attitude of the people dwelling in the city yet the designs painted in the bodies and faces of the dancers and other participants is not limited to such flower. Beauty, looking at a bloom is what usually comes to mind and that is what Pintaflores shows. The beauty of the story of Nabingkalan and the culture it represents. San Carlos City once did not have its own festival however the story of Princess Nabingka provided a reason for the city to start showcasing the ways of its ancestors. It became the stepping stone for San Carlos City to start with its own festival different from the rest.

This festival is a celebration of culture of San Carlos City. The city was chartered in 1960 however there wasn’t anything the city is known for. After 33 years, San Carlos City finally made its mark in the country after Pintaflores emerged. All the places in the Philippines has only one intent and that is to be acknowledged and be considered as a place worthy to be visited by tourists and thankfully, the festival made it possible.*(SCC w/report from Arman Toga)


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