2 Bodies Found in Kabankalan & Murcia

Two lifeless bodies were found in Kabankalan City and Murcia town Thursday.

In Kabankalan, Supt. Rhea Santos, city police chief identified the victim as Pilo Germino Layan, 56, single, laborer of Purok Avocado in Barangay Tabugon, Kabankalan.

He was found lifeless 8:30 in the morning Thursday in a grassy portion about 20 meters from his house. He has wounds on his face and upper portion of his eyes believed to be signs of having been hit with hard object.

Police tagged the suspect as Jesmar Matarong Oliveros, 26, single, a laborer of Purok Lumboy in Barangay Tampalon, Kabankalan.

Police said the victim and the suspect had a trouble at about 10 in the evening on November 1.

A witness, Julian Mancia Carausos, 47 told police that the victim went to the house of the suspect and suddenly the victim hit the suspect with a bottle of Tanduay that caused wounds on his face. He was also mauled and went home.

According to Rubilyn Panganiban (step-daughter of the victim) Pilo Layan came home at about 10 PM with wounds on his mouth and got a bolo, for he had trouble with Jesmar Oliveros.

In Murcia, the cadaver was not yet identified by police. But the discovery of the cadaver was reported to them around 2 in the afternoon Thursday in Hacienda Rojas in Sitio Paradahan in Barangay Pandanon in Murcia.

He is wearing maong short without shirt and in the state of decomposition.

He was found by Restituto Panuncial of Purok Valencia Ko in Sitio Paradahan who then reported it to hacienda overseer Nonoy Castillo Cunlo who in turn reported to police.

The cadaver was brought to Murcia Public Cemetery for identification.*(CMG)


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