Quarry Operators Mushroom Due to High Sand and Gravel Demand

There are numerous quarry operators presently existing in the province even without necessary pertinent documents due to the continuous demand of stones, sand and gravel as a result of unstoppable infrastructure projects and building constructions everywhere.

In a radio interview, Atty. Jose Maria Valencia, Provincial legal officer of Negros Occidental said, due to this demand, they were able to discover fake quarry coupon from a quarry operator in Kabankalan City.

Valencia also said, it is not the provincial government that causes the delay of the issuance of their permits, but at the office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) on basis of some violations.

Valencia likewise said, some violations to DENR rules are those quarry located near the bridges or residential houses because it will cause shaking of the bridge or houses and eventually its destruction. The quarry operators must observe area clearance, according to Valencia.

As a matter of fact, one quarry violator caught with fake quarry coupons tried to settle with him, arranging that he will just pay the penalty. But Valencia said the decision is now in the court, considering that penalty for only one fake coupon is P15,000.00. But the violator was confiscated with 300 pieces of fake quarry coupons which is equivalent to P45 million.

Valencia also said, it is not a question of amount of penalty, but the act of violating the tax ordinance.*