Road Safety is No Accident, Practise SAFE S6X

There are proven key interventions to prevent a severe road traffic crash injury or death — live road safety as a way of life.

Drivers should practise SAFE S6X - (1) wear helmet, (2) use seatbelt and child restraint, (3) no alcohol and drugs before driving, (4) slow down, (5) look out for pedestrians and road risks, and (6) no distractions/focus on safe driving.

Before driving, check your BLOWBAG - battery, lights, oil, water, brakes, air, gas. Be sure you have a valid driver’s license. Keep in your vehicle the OR-CR, insurance policy, EWD devices.

Plan your trip. Have an alternate route in anticipation of heavy traffic or rerouting.

Traffic Safety & Injury Prevention Campaign Programs for schools and corporate / public transport fleet may be requested from PROJECT CARES. Contact May Altarejos-Cueva c/o tel. nos. 2138076 / 4865773 / celfone no. 0933 012 4409.*